Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shangri-la Hotel: Thumbs Up

It was where I stay during the weekend in KL with my family. I have always known that Shangri-la Hotel is not an ordinary hotel. However, I was still very surprised with the room’s condition and the services they provide their guests. Also, I love their lobby!

IMG_1612This was our room—which we later changed to another room with two-bed bedroom.

IMG_1613 Not to mention, they have bathtub (my love!)—which I didn’t get to use :(

IMG_1615Still, they have another separate shower room for their guests. You can imagine how big and nice their washrooms are.

Oh, wait till you see the room’s fridge.



IMG_1648 omgwtf, right? lol

IMG_1656Lastly, the view from our room is superb especially at night—unfortunately, the weekend had been very packed for me (always out with friends) so, I didn’t get to enjoy my stay in this hotel.

p.s: When my dad reached on the second day of our stay in the hotel, he jokingly said "Aiya! How come the TV is built inside the wall?". If you get what he mean, actually the TV in the room is a hanging plasma TV.

p.s.s.: There's a mirror inside the cabinet where they store their cups and guess what? My grandmother thought there were FOUR cups until I asked her to touch the inside of the cabinet lol!


Jemsen said...

Hey Lucky you, that's a 5 star hotel.
You can really pamper yourself there.. I hope I can win a free night stay there. I heard their "high-tea" was good too. Tks for sharing. Pls drop by my blog to click the Hyundai ads for me, so that I can accumulate $$ to go to Shangri-la High Tea, yeah, tks :D

iriene said...

Fuyoh.. high class .....
I love the bathroom, the bath tub :)
The view from the room is superb, tks for sharing. Do drop by when u r online, Tks!

Fumoffu said...

Jemsen: Yeah, it is a nice and grand hotel. We got to stay there because we got vouchers to get cheaper rates there :) However, breakfast is not inclusive *sigh*

iriene: Hehe! I believe ALL girls love BATH TUBS! XD

wayeyoung said...

It's really very nice. Got gardens and all. lol. I was coaching tennis over there about two weeks ago. Awesome.

btw: haha no promises i'll return

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, the place is really nice.

But still, I hope you will be back :) If not, I am going to miss your interesting posts :(