Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gold Coast: Day 14

Not to the beach or its city. Instead, we went to Movie World located in Gold Coast and we were there throughout the whole day. We had been contemplating to go Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World as well but due to certain reasons — no, not because it’s Winter (the water is heated) and no, not because I got no swimming attire (managed to find a bikini in my boyfie’s room wtf? kidding :P) — we decided to go for Movie World only.


Like what most people would say, when you go to a place, you’d better take a picture with its entrance else you are not even going there! Sigh. No tripod so, the picture came up like that *shrugs*

IMG_0445We put all our attention on this awesome roller coaster railway ever since we turned into the World’s junction. Therefore, it became our first ride for the day.

IMG_0447Superman Escape — though the queue may be super duper long (we queued for half an hour for just a short ride), do not get turned off and patted your ass and walked away like that. No-no-no. It is definitely worth your patience. There’s an interesting story behind this ride and it definitely is my best ride — so far. 100kmph no kidding mm-kay?




Shops and fun inside the World. Didn’t bother to enter them one-by-one as we were in the nick of time for the show below after the ride *phew*



Hollywood Stunt Driver — a show that you should never ever miss. I recorded a view short video clips of it but, was too into watching it LIVE so, being not concentrating when recording (and you can guess much of the quality), it is best you YouTube it out. It’s ending is my favourite part :) They really put a lot of effort in this show. No wonder there’s only two shows in one day so, better not miss the second show time if you’d missed the first one.


Next was Scooby-Doo Spooky Ride. I didn’t expect much of it — I thought it would be like a ride in the dark and human-disguised monsters or ghosts coming out in hope in turning your face white and pee in your pants and cry out for your mamas — but I was wrong. Totally utterly wrong. Therefore, go for it. Definitely a different experience from what you had in Genting Highlands.


Oh, btw, the world is really small. When my boyfie was randomly taking the picture as above, the couple in the front called out his name — he’d never expected to bump into a friend in the World — referring to Movie World.

IMG_0495After we came out from the Spooky ride, we came across to this interesting cemetery. The tomb stones have funny and interesting carved writings — I did not notice it until I saw the picture I took with one of the tombs in my laptop. Should have been more observant damnit –_-


Another small area inside the World. Since we didn’t want to get wet, we did not go for this Wild West Falls Adventure Ride :( We could have purchased raincoats at the counter but it wasn’t worth the purchase — and I believe that I will be back, here, again in the future. I don’t know when but I know I will. Unless it gulung its tikar where the chances for it to happen is lower than my chances in coming Australia again lol



A very interesting wallpaper that I was already well aware of it when I was browsing Ashley’s entry. Hope you won’t mind me using your idea — it’s a great idea that I could not resist myself from using it lol!

IMG_0504 Behold the Wild West Falls Adventure Ride. It looks fun, right? :S



We wanted to try out Road Runner Roller Coaster which is located at the Kids’ Zone. We were in doubt if there are adults taking this ride since it is located at the Kids’ area, you see. We joined the queue and after close observation, either the pairs are parents-children or older siblings-younger siblings, we knew that the ride is confirmed NOT for us lol


When we walked back to the center of the World, we saw people sealing off the walkway. There’s a parade going on soon. Thought it may be interesting, we joined the crowd — but I kinda regret after :( Oh, did I tell you that the kids were literally screaming their lungs out when they saw Tweety Bird? That totally blew me off. Didn’t know she’s that famous.

IMG_0511 Taking a bite while waiting for the parade to start.


The last ride for the day was Batwing Spaceshot. I didn’t know how to compare it with our Genting Theme Park’s Spaceshot but from what my boyfie told me, this Batwing is higher than Genting’s.


Initially, we planned to take another Superman Escape to end the day but due to me not feeling well (my stomach felt weird) after Batwing Spaceshot, the boyfriend was thoughtful enough to drive us home.

I know it was such a waste for not taking another Superman Escape ride but I believe I will be back again :)


Beatrce said...

hmm.. i don't even remember how it looks like anymore.
i went there when i was 6 =x
I think the superman escape is the same as the batman one that they use to have.
it has changed a lot since then tho.. hehe want to go again >.< you should have gone to wet and wild. they said that is fun......

Fumoffu said...

But what I had just heard from an Australian (who came to M'sia) told me that Wet 'n' Wild is not that fun compared to our M'sia's Sunway Lagoon lol! This is new to me though lol

Beatrice said...

hmm.. im not sure lo..
thats what they told me but i went to Sunway Lagoon but it was raining so didn't get to play all the rides but i know one of it is fun but cant remember which one.

Fumoffu said...

I see. The other time when I was having my period, I could not follow my brothers to Sunway Lagoon. Mana tau, that day the electricity was cut-off lol! They also couldn't play xD said...

wow nice place!
i wanna go there one day!
and the roller coaster!! omg i sure scared myself to death if i take that ride!! XD

Fumoffu said...

You must go there 'cos you won't regret taking the rides and the shows there :D
I was scared when I just joined the queue which is half an hour away from me so, you can guess how much nervous and scared I was when it was my turn lol! I even thought of unbuckle myself and leave the train before they press the 'green' button XD