Friday, July 24, 2009

Fumo Update #01

It is has been so long since the last time I update about myself. Recently, I just got myself a girlfriend! Woo-hoo!

Though she’s was someone’s ex-wife/girlfriend/mistress, she’s in a very good condition and her performance is superb.

Let me introduce her—Myvi Sport Edition weii.. Don’t play play lol! Good sound system and it’s not hot inside her even though you feel like you are in a desert outside. Credits to my dad who likes to modify cars.


Even my uncle, who is very knowledgeable on cars, said she’s a good car. But wait after 3 years lol! Myvi is just so for me—don’t know how to explain it. And I feel comfortable driving her. She’s like my best friend! lol!


However, I have to be aware of her rims. To my knowledge, her legs are good and they cost a bomb –_-

Unfortunately, I will only be able to drive her until the middle of next month. No, we are not selling her out. I will be undergoing an internship in Shanghai for one year! Yay!! Unless I ship the car over lol! Anyway, will update you more on that internship later in other post :)


TOLANIC said...

Sport Edition? Not Special Edition? Woah, I like white color because it’s simple and nice. Very nice what can I say, especially low fuel consumption. Fuahh, your car plate also very nice “6699”. Sure very expensive ler!

Fumoffu said...

Hey Tolanic! Long time no hear from you! :D :D
I don't know. I thought it's Special Edition as well but my uncle confirmed with us that it's a Sport Edition. But it's true lol! Very powerful. Hahahaha.
The car plate? Good and bad lar. Good as it kinda related to fengshui, you know, ying and yang. Bad because if you looked at it with a 'yellow' mind.. XD

Eu Ginn said...

This is the first time i see a "G" plate car! Good luck for your internship. :)

DemonD said...

wow,,,nice car there,,,good luck,,by the way,,are u from sarawak is it?

Fumoffu said...

Eu Ginn: That isn't "G" lol! That's "Q"

DemonD: Thanks :) And yeap, I am from Sarawak. Why do you ask? You too?