Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunshine Coast: Day 17 (Part 2)

Our next destination was Mooloolah River Fisheries where you get to buy fresh seafood *yum* and that’s what we’re going to get for our dinner :)

IMG_0702But before we proceeded to buy our dinner, we saw this beautiful park that we could not resist to take a walk. And guess what? The park is nearby the coast.

IMG_0699IMG_0706 IMG_0708 IMG_0712 Beautiful? That’s why I love Sunshine Coast so much :D


On our way back to Mooloolah River Fisheries, we passed by a Wharf. Prettyyyyy!!

IMG_0717 Mooloolah River Fisheries


The inside of Mooloolah River Fisheries

IMG_0724Local Mooloolaba large fresh cooked King Prawns—Summer’s and my favourite *yum*

IMG_0725 Fresh Oysters—the boyfriend’s favourite


Fresh tassie Salmon Fillets—another boyfie’s favourite :)

IMG_0731 My very first ice-cream in Australia :D *thumbs up*

IMG_0733 Our dinner—ain’t it such a messy table? lol

We had a satisfying dinner. Summer and I finished our King Prawns but we could not finish the rest. Yes, we wasted our Oysters and Salmon :(

When the night falls, we decided to take a walk in Mooloolaba town—also for digestion :D

IMG_0754 My second ice-cream in Australia—Cookies ‘n’ Cream :D

IMG_0757 IMG_0774 The coast was lit at night. Nice! :D

IMG_0786The Wharf at night—initially,  we wanted to invade the place but it was a restricted area :(

But, we met a few animals..

IMG_0794 First, a playful Seal with his colourful ball.


Then, a friendly Crocodile in his white tank top


Lastly, The Wharf’s Captain Shark :D

Unfortunately, we’re going back the next day. Should have stayed longer. I really love the place and I believe we have not explored the place well :D


Anonymous said...

mooloolah?? lol sounds like moomoo-lah! eh nice cloud pics! and the oyster... hmm.. i dont fancy them.. =P

Fumoffu said...

moomoo-lah? lol! Creative! :P
If you notice my pictures, I took pictures of clouds the most XD and those oysters taste really nice if you put enough lemon and a bit of tobasco sauce :D

TOLANIC said...

Fuahhhh, I really want to go to Australia everytime I check your blog. I don’t know when I can go there.

Fumoffu said...

I believe you will definitely be able to go to Australia :D