Sunday, November 29, 2009

Punchie #06


It was my first time getting a costume, celebrating Halloween in my life!

And that is not my costume.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Have I introduced my colleagues? I guess no. I did not share much about my work in Shanghai as well, kononnya I had introduced my colleagues. My EP Manager *cough*Kenny*cough* complained that I did not post anything that is related to my internship in Shanghai.

IMG_3442This is Szu, a Taiwanese, an AIESEC Intern just like me. One desk away from me. A very cool and fun girl to be with. Good in both football and table tennis. Urmmm.. Will dig out more information about her during our upcoming drinking game.

IMG_3443This is Billy, a Philipino who sits behind me in the office. He is the employee of the company that I’m working with. In Shanghai for two years now. He has been telling me how cold Shanghai will get during Winter. His duty during the Winter is to make sure that I am still alive in the office.

IMG_3444That’s Eidolon, a Chinese. The only Chinese who has better command of English in the office. A very sweet and dedicated girl. We rely on her a lot on ordering food for lunch and occasionally, dinner.

There are three more colleagues but will talk about them in one of the the next upcoming posts.

So what do we do in the office?

Previously, we were paired up to do a task together.


I had to do campaign and events planning for the virtual world with Samuel, another AIESEC Intern. Fyi, that is our meeting room.


Szu and Billy had to work on bugs and tutorial videos together while Eidolon and Ellwyn had to work on the price list of the virtual items.

That was before. How about now?

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts…

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Member Committee of China

Alright. Back to my way backdated post. And you know what? I can’t be arsed to type loads of words in my backdated posts now. The cold weather made me lazy! Shanghai is crazy! It’s not even Winter and it’s freaking cold now. Believe it or not, it was 1ºC in the morning! Fortunately, it was sunny. Alright. Back to my post.

I met up with the Member Committee of China the other night, thought they would be as cool as the ones we have in Malaysia. But meh!

IMG_3432I got to meet up with the interns who are lurking around Shanghai like me! That’s Cagri, a Turkish, on the left and Tom, a German, on the right. Cagri left Shanghai few weeks ago and Tom will be leaving soon. Shanghai is a sexy bitch. She made you meet herd of great people but she made you bid them goodbye before you could realise how fast the time flies!

IMG_3437Anyhow, that’s the Member Committee of China. As you can see, females dominate the males. How cool is that? To my knowledge, females are more dominant in Shanghai but males are more dominant in Beijing. Interesting fact, huh?


That girl in blue top, FORGOT THE NAME, is a Malaysian! to her is Dan, my (ex-)housemate, followed by Calvin, a Canadian, ME, Tom and SOMEONE from Wuhan. Now, that ends everything.

Stay tuned for my next way backdated post!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My 22nd Birthday!

I am going to skip all my backdated posts for my long birthday post. Yes, this is going to be a long post as I celebrated my birthday in Shanghai for a blardy week!


IMG_3584 Chilled at Zapata’s. Not many turned up but I had a good catching up session with Stefano and Ruth. Plus, it was great to meet Calvin and Tom again. The last time we met was a month ago, if I am not mistaken lol! And oh, I remembered I had not taken a picture with them when I got into a cab –__-


And guess what? I ended the night by receiving a fake 20RMB not from a cab driver. It was the cab driver who drove me to Zapata’s. Was educated on how to differentiate between the fake note to the genuine note by the cab driver who sent me home.


IMG_3604Free flow of drinks for ladies at I Love Shanghai which is a stone throw away from my place. Decided to have my birthday countdown there with my girl mates. Checking on cute guys, talking to some random people to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ and guess what? Ying had the most crazy and random idea – to crash into our guy mate’s room!


All excited in the lift lol! It was fun and hilarious – figuring out the code into the building, walked in the dark, crashed into the room for a minute and left. A great way to start my birthday day.



Had Malaysian cuisine for dinner that night and it was awesome! I had bah kut teh and mee goreng! I wanted to try Penang laksa but it is only available on Friday and Saturday. Will definitely go back there again.

IMG_3622Not only did I have free dinner, I received presents too! I was surprised though ‘cos I never expected myself receiving birthday presents this year! Rising Star soap (indicates me to shower more lol!) from Kees, cap (Winter is just around the corner) from Meg, plush toy (decorate the mirror in my room) from Amy and a table lamp (there’s no table lamp on my desk in my room) from my beloved housemates.


Break for..

Friday Party!


Had my birthday party at one of my favourite bars in Shanghai, LAN. Experienced strip and lap dances from each and every person who turned up, regardless male or female. It was hilarious but fun lol! The turn up was good though some, Rubens abd Serge, were just 3 blocks away from reaching the place when we left to the next destination. Will be great if they could make it earlier and joined us.


We went to Muse at Park 97 and G Plus later. I got really drunk. A few called me but nobody knew what I was talking about that my friends had to take my phone from me. I threw up twice. Both when I got out of the cab. Car sick, I guess. And, I embarrassed myself at G Plus. What did I do? I fell on the floor somewhere near the club entrance. There! Drunk Angelina for you!

IMG_3669Fortunately, I have great friends around me. They forced me home when it’s only 1am and we chilled in my room for the next 4 hours. Had a good ‘I have never..’ game and seriously, for those who were there that night in my room, in regards to you-know-what, I am grateful that I met you guys in Shanghai.


IMG_3677The day for me to meet up with those people that I missed on Friday night. Had Brazilian buffet for dinner with Sonia and Rubens. They are leaving Shanghai in a month time so, I made a promise with them that I will go out with them every week until they left lol!


Later, I met up with JR who was not able to locate me on Friday night due to me changing locations in less than 30 minutes lol! Met up with James and his two other friends before we left to Windows Scoreboard together. Chilled and left to Richy for dance. Trust me, I did not drink any drip on alcohol. Been a sober, I could not dance so I left the club earlier. Well, is 2.50am early? lol!


Chilled at Zapata’s, countdown at I Love Shanghai, Malaysian food at Food Fusion, birthday celebration at Windows Scoreboard, birthday party at LAN, dance at Muse at Park 97, ‘dropped’ by G Plus, threw up twice, dinner at Brasil Steak House, drinks at Windows Scoreboard, and dance at Richy! So yeah, that’s my birthday week.

I generally had a great week and this week is going to be another good week as well :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mom@Zapata’s & Red Beat

My mom decided to join my housemate, Meg, and I for a night out.

IMG_3184We went to Not Me and it was really empty. Therefore, we went to the nearest bar, Zapata’s. And Red Beat, later.

IMG_3187 That’s my housemate, Meg, from Beijing.


We met Meg’s friends, Kim and her husband. They are both Australians and guess what? They had their wedding at Langkawi Island two years ago. Yeah, wedding ceremony all the way from Australia O.o

Anyhow, my mom did not go clubbing that night lol!

Don’t think she could take it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Palace is the name of the place that I stayed for the first two months in Shanghai. Not the real palace ‘palace’. I remember I Plurk-ed or updated my status in Facebook that I am so gonna miss my mom’s home cook.

IMG_3177In that week, I was fed really well. Four meals per day! She used the kitchen like everyday! I am pretty sure my housemates, Meg and Dan, miss her cooking as well.


IMG_3174Imagine to see those (above) first thing in the morning. How wonderful it would be to have breakfast prepared for you every morning.


To be honest, I was really happy and delighted! It felt so homely! Urghh… I really miss my mom’s cooking now! Had a chat with her over MSN and she told me that she may come over to Shanghai again to cook for me. Only when there’s cheaper flight tickets.

AirAsia, I put my trust in you on this matter!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mom@Zhabei Park

Being informed by my friend that there is a nice park around, we explored the park after breakfast. On the way, she spotted something that my baby brother would love one thing about Shanghai..

IMG_3150..people wearing pajama on the streets.

IMG_3151What Chinese love to do in the parks is to blast the music and dance.

IMG_3154 IMG_3155Zhabei Park is not very impressive but impressive enough for the people living around here.

That afternoon, I brought my mom to Qi Pu (Cheap) Road. There you can get cheap clothing, shoes, everything! But don’t expect too much in regards to the quality of your purchase.

IMG_3160She had always wanted to try the food sold on the streets but was concerned on food hygiene. Eventually, she just could not resist it and there, we had grilled chicken liver. It was really good.

IMG_3161The damage of the day – two pairs of boots and around ten pairs of tights.

That night, I organised a gathering – to mark the second last day of break. My mom was supposed to come along but she was just too tired to do anything other than staying in bed, watching series.


The turn up was not that bad and it was not that good either. Just nice. Will do more.


Oh, I had another dart game and I was in the second place as shown in the picture above.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mom@Vue Bar

I had Plurk-ed and updated my status in Facebook before that my mom visited me in Shanghai for a week last month but never before had I posted anything about it in my blog. Pretty much way backdated post. Hah! It was a great week though it started out quite badly. Will talk about it in one of my shitty posts in the near future.

IMG_3094Anyhow, aforementioned, it was a great week. It was! I enjoyed shopping with her – bought my winter clothing (thanks to my Grandpa) and food.

On Tuesday night, I brought her to one of my favourite bars in Shanghai – Vue Bar. Why Tuesday? Because we can get drinks for 40RMB only (usual price is 80-100RMB)! Only? With the views that I am posting below, 40RMB is considered cheap.


Pudong’s night view is on the left..

IMG_3099 Huangpu River’s night view in the centre..


..and Puxi’s night view on the right!


She likes the place though and frankly speaking, I was relieved to know that. However, it got her worried that I am going to spend a lot for nightlife! No worries, people. I will not starve myself. All I will do is just not getting myself really expensive food.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fumo Update #09

9721_103758276304040_100000096039614_106465_6046263_nHad been crazily going out for three nights straight during the last holidays. As shown in the picture above, that was the last night I went out during the break. We first went for this Rock Concert performed by this famous local rock band, Mushroom. Later, we went to Zapata’s for a quick drink and shisha before we proceeded to two other clubs at Xintiandi. Got to know a Malaysian here though – the very first Malaysian I know in Shanghai – but unfortunately, he did not give me a good impression. However, it’s all good now. He is a nice guy, not that bad.



The night before I conquered Lewis’ room. Oops! That’s not the main highlight for this picture. This was taken the night before Lewis left to UK. I do miss this guy a lot. When I first arrived Palace, he didn’t bother to talk to me lots. Partly because he thought I was not going to stay there for long. It’s really a pain in the ass when you got close to this person and eventually, s/he has to leave sooner than you could have imagined. I guess that’s the life of being an AIESEC intern.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tairyo’s Teppanyaki

IMG_3066 Had an amazing all-you-can-eat-and-drink dinner with my friends. It costs 150RMB but trust me, it is worth the hole burnt in your pocket. Well, if you fancy grilled food that is.


You will not have to do the grilling yourself. You have a Chef to do everything for you. All you have got to do is just sit back, relaxed and wait for your food to come!


Ooooh! You can enjoy Sake while waiting for your food. I do love this drink. And guess what? I had this whole Sake for myself! Sake is good! Oops! No pictures for the food. Was too hungry so can’t be arsed to take pictures of every single dish I had.