Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fumo Update #09

9721_103758276304040_100000096039614_106465_6046263_nHad been crazily going out for three nights straight during the last holidays. As shown in the picture above, that was the last night I went out during the break. We first went for this Rock Concert performed by this famous local rock band, Mushroom. Later, we went to Zapata’s for a quick drink and shisha before we proceeded to two other clubs at Xintiandi. Got to know a Malaysian here though – the very first Malaysian I know in Shanghai – but unfortunately, he did not give me a good impression. However, it’s all good now. He is a nice guy, not that bad.



The night before I conquered Lewis’ room. Oops! That’s not the main highlight for this picture. This was taken the night before Lewis left to UK. I do miss this guy a lot. When I first arrived Palace, he didn’t bother to talk to me lots. Partly because he thought I was not going to stay there for long. It’s really a pain in the ass when you got close to this person and eventually, s/he has to leave sooner than you could have imagined. I guess that’s the life of being an AIESEC intern.


kenwooi said...

happening night life eh? =)

Fumoffu said...

heh pretty much :P