Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Miss You

Eyes are filled with tears while I am typing here.

I miss those moments that I had when I was still pursuing my Degree.

My course mates. My classmates. Especially, my close friends -- I miss you.

However, I do not feel remorse at all -- I fully cherished every moment I had with those by my side.

I always think of myself being the most fortunate girl (in this world) to be able to know all of you -- one of the greatest rewards that God has given me.

Wish to see you soon.

Hey, I am ending this post with a smile, alright? xD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Back in the year 2007, Earth Hour was first started by a city in Australia – Sydney. Later, this event was brought to the world’s attention and 35 countries joined force in 2008. This year, they want to make it bigger. Malaysia is participating in this global event.


These landmarks pledge support to Earth Hour:


KL Central: Just take a look at our dear skyscrapper, Petronas Twin Towers. The lights are shooting up into the sky >.<

KLCC: Fortunately, they are supporting this global event as well :D

KL-Tower-by-night_01KL Tower

Y17182 - Dataran Merdeka At Night
Dataran Merdeka

Sunway Integrated Resort

Just imagine all these lights were turned off -- Kuala Lumpur has its very first REAL night! It’s sad that I could not get the chance to see it before my eyes. If I were still in KL, I would be at Look Out Point and enjoy the night where all the lights were turned off! Look Out Point will be the best spot to witness this global event :D I am donating a good idea, right? So better go Look Out Point now! Wonder if it is open for business today.


Sign up for Earth Hour! - I VOTE EARTH: Angelina Ha How TingEarth Hour 2009 by WWF - Sign up for Earth Hour!

I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!


Note: Below is just my point of view. Different people have different opinions, right? So, we are cool, okay? :)

Just finished watching Love or Bread, a Taiwanese comedy as well as romance series. 12 episodes and ‘The End’ appeared before me after (around) 6 months. Not because it was not completed and I had to wait and download every week. Not because I was busy with my assignments, projects and exams (or was I?).

It is because the story of this series is just too blunt and there are not much anxieties that do not cast a magical spell, can’t-stop-watching, upon me. Then just stop watching the series lar! Nah, I continued watching it. Wahkao! You said the story is not nice and you still want to continue watching it ar? You want me to punch you until your period come out from your nose ar? Well, since I had already started to watch the first episode, I might as well just finished it, right? lmao Anyway, I was a bit disappointed with the ending.

That’s the review on the story. Now let’s talk about the main casts – Joe and Ariel. They are a great on-screen couple and both of them did an excellent job. Joe has the look but trust me, he improved a lot in this field of work =) Ariel? She is always that great. No matter what role was given to her, she did an excellent job. No wonder she was given the award ‘The Best Actress’ last year xD

However, I am not sending a ‘Do not watch this series or you could die’ message. You can still go and download to watch because aforementioned, different people have different views. The story may be too dull for me but maybe, in your case, things may be different =)


Later, I started to haunt another latest (or should I say, recently released) Taiwanese romance but comedy series, My Queen. Mind you, this is one of the series that casts can’t-stop-watching spell upon me (after The Prince who turns into a Frog and Fated to Love You). I started to watch this series last night and hit the sack around 3.30AM –__- Ain’t the spell scary? The story is interesting though it is similar (but not the same) to the mentioned series three to four lines above this line.

The story is really nice and funny. For example, look at the pictures below:

Please take a look at the statue. What’s that in black? Underwear? xD








Now, let’s take a closer look :D





Are you able to tell what it is? xD








Alright! Now let’s take another closer view. This time, I am sure you will definitely able to tell what it is xD





Yeap! It is a freaking frying pan! lmao

What’s with the frying pan? Why frying pan? No, wait! The first question should be, why the turf the part is under-covered with a freaking frying pan?

Watch it and you will be able to get your answer :D

I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things you should learn to do when you are in rage

When you were in a fight, it is really a human nature to speak harsh words to the other party. However, there are a few steps to prevent that from happening (sources from Ai FM).

1. Before you could say something to the other party, imagine that you were a flower.


Why flowers? Flowers will always have nice fragrant. Therefore, when you imagine that you were a flower, eventually, you would say something nicer.

2. You have already imagined that you were a flower and you actually talked nicely to the party. However, you were still mad. What can you do? Just take a nice deep breath.


Most people could not breathe properly when they were in a bad mood. I am too mad that I could hardly breathe. Well, there is a right way to do it – Exhale before you took a nice deeeeeeeeeep breath. You will feel better. Handle your own emotion before you handle the problem.

3. If taking a nice deep breath is still hopeless, another way is to leave the place.


When you are in the state of being angry, your eyes glazed over in which may affect your emotion. Therefore, leave the place. If you were having a fight with who-who-who, let’s say in the kitchen, leave the kitchen and go somewhere else. Leaving the house would be the best option lol Leaving the place is neither losing the fight nor avoiding the problem. It is for you to have a place for yourself to calm and handle your own emotion before you handle the problem.

4. Or if you have nowhere to go, what you can do is to do something fun.


For example, you can listen to music or sing along with the music or dance or pc games. This is another way for you to handle your own emotion before you handle the problem.

Communication is an art as well. Always ask yourself Why are you angry? Why are you upset? How are you doing today? If you do not know how to communicate with yourself, you will not be able to communicate with others. Therefore, when it comes to an arguments, always remember to handle your own emotion before you could handle the problem =)


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Another embarrassing moment of mine in my life –__-

It happened at Malaysia’s Immigration Office where I went to re-new my passport. When I went to submit my documents and stuff, the guy was asking me something. It came across my mind that he wanted to check the photo and me so without thinking much, I lifted my fringe up.

And guess what?

He was asking me about my height, not my eyes –__-


Is it my hearing problem? Or my understanding problem? Or our communication problem?

That was really embarrassing! However, the next thing made up for it.

I just realised that I have grown 1cm taller! xD


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New Layout


I’m done with changing my new layout. I spent more than two hours to sort things perfectly in my blog. And gosh! It is already 4.35AM! Better go to sleep now –__-

[edit] Why did you spend so much time on changing your blog layout?

Forget about the html and stuff. I wasted my time on searching the right layout for my blog. I love dark colours but I had enough of it. Since this is more to like a personal blog [and not something like photography blog or food blog or travel blog] of mine, I seek a layout that practically reflects my current life.

See the image on the left? It does not come with the template. I had to edit it with Photoshop application and upload in a website and linked in to this template. Troublesome may it seems to be but nah, it is very simple so I did not spend most of my time there. What ate most of my precious sleeping time was html and stuff –__- Though I have already improved in using and editing them, still there are new things for me to learn and discover myself. You see, when I was doing this whole changing-my-blog-layout-thing, I did it myself and depend on myself [of course Google has been very helpful lol].

Nevertheless, I am pretty much satisfied with my work :D

Next work: Discover the widget for Twitter [if you think you can help me on where to find or insert the widget for Twitter, please, tell me! :D] and maybe my new banner?

[edit-edit] Finally I am done with this page! Banzai! If you have noticed, there is a button ‘Blog List’ on the top. Yeap, that’s the page where I store all the the blogs that I frequent =)

Why aren’t you make a link list at the sidebar instead of making a new blog for it?

You see, I change my blog layout frequently [but I do stay with one if I really love it – maybe the current layout?] and when it comes to html and stuff, I sux to the max! Once you changed your blog layout to a new one, all your current applications and stuff will most probably be gone [I know there is a way to maintain it but I sux lmao]. I do not really like to give myself a lot of troubles [still I want to change my blog layout!] so I thought of this way. Ain’t I smart? I know. I am so full of myself now and doing this ain’t a big idea as well whatever –__-

Am going to improve my blog layout. Stay tune xD


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Apology to Nuffnang

Thinking back on my mistake here, I feel like strangling myself to death. Shame on me! I should have known that my blur-ness is getting severe. But never could I imagine that my blur-ness could bring me to this level!

Initially, it never came across my mind to send enquiries to Nuffies but after being persuaded or rather, I being curious, I did it.

mistake01 The mail that I sent yesterday.

Nuffies did their jobs very fast, you see. I received their reply today! I really appreciate their immediate actions to help those in troubles. See, they love us a lot, okay? Joining Nuffnang is never the wrong choice xD Alright, back to the story. After I read the mail, I so wanted to dig myself into six (or maybe ten) feet underground! I brought up an unnecessary trouble to them!

mistake02The mail I received today.

Damn guilty lor. Sigh. What did I do next? Of course I replied with an apology. Hopefully, they will not dislike me Sad

mistake03 The mail that I replied later on.


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

1 Died, 1 Injured

It happened in a secondary school where two security guards were attacked. The reason of this incident seems vague. One was killed while the other one survived after being thrown out of 3-floor building. That was how the killer being recognised and reported.

She heard her own name from the radio in the car together with her friends; became wanted, and intended to surrender. BUT it hit her that she did not kill anybody in school and claimed that it just happened within her dream when she fell asleep in the car. How could something happen in a dream could be real in a real world?

Did I just mention ‘real world’?

Well, in the real world, I am a good student. I only kill insects, not human.

Above story happened within a dream in a dream of mine last night.

Sounds complicated?

I know.

But do you know that today is World Water Day

It is held on 22nd March (today) annually and the theme for this year is Shared Water – Shared Opportunities.

Therefore, Happy World Water Day! Party

p/s: Do not drink water, ya?

[edit] I just found out that there will be events for World Water Day in Miri from 11th-12th April.

How about Kuching?! So much for being the capital city of Sarawak, huh?


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nuffnang cuts earnings?

Can earnings be deducted?

I know that I had not been an active blogger for the past one week but I was not aware that my earnings will be deducted T_T

It took me so long to even earn a 50 cents and more than 100 cents already been deducted *sobs*

Lack of Updates

Woah! It has been more than one week since the last time I updated my blog. I had gone back to my hometown in that week and boy, I had been going out almost everyday, whole day!

Was back to Kuching few days ago and well, procrastination does happen always. I am very touched, knowing that my friends and readers still drop by to know how I am doing here.

Will get my ass working on the updates.

DSCN4613 A teaser =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The truth about Orang Asli wtf

This is an emo post. No offence, ya?

I realised that I tend to get irritated easily, especially when it is something related to me.

You see, I am from Sarawak. And whenever those Peninsular Malaysians heard about it, they would say orang asli wtf?

What’s gotten into them? – I am referring to those who called us orang asli.

‘orang asli are people in Sarawak’

Say who? wtf

Never studied?

I can tell you that orang asli are your moyang in Peninsular Malaysia, wtf!

‘Orang asli is a general term used for any indigenous groups that are found in Peninsular Malaysia’Wikipedia

The link is there. I had searched for you. Go and educate yourself there wtf!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Review: Watchmen


Disclaimer: This review is just from my point of view. Therefore, to those Watchmen fans, no offence, alright?

watchmen02 watchmen03

Once the movie started, it was all very confusing. Later, throughout the movie, it started to make sense (till the end, of course).

watchmen04 watchmen05

The storyline is acceptable and no doubt, the fighting scenes are really cool. As for the graphics, still reasonable.

watchmen06 watchmen07

Unfortunately, the storyline is too dragging. There was a few scenes that I thought there would be Watchmen 2 xD


Still remember that I got shortlisted and did the online test for a position in UBS, Hong Kong? No? Never mind, the links are there.

After 4 working days, having no news from their side (whether or not I passed the test), I decided to give a shot. After the mail was sent, the lady from the end gave me a prompt reply.

The first line caught my attention which read

‘Please confirm your availability for your first phone interview during this time.’

I wasn’t dreaming!

Congratulations to me!

Though she never mentioned specifically whether or not I passed the test, in order for you to proceed for the first phone interview, you have to pass the test.

Which means what? I passed the test!

My very first phone interview with this organisation would be next Monday!

Few more steps for me to grasp this position.

Wish me best of luck!

p/s: Share some phone interview tips, ya?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pearl’s 18th Birthday

Ever since I came back to Kuching, having less than 3 friends here, I had been joining my baby brother and his friends. Though there is a three to four years gap in between us, fortunately, I find no difficulty to click with them =] Maybe this proves that I sure am an outgoing person lol

Last night, was one of my baby brother’s friends’ birthday. Of course, not wanting to stay at home so much, I joined them =]

This is  珍珍 (Pearl) with her birthday cake (and a toothpick *hopefully it can be seen in this picture*).

Yeah, you see no wrong. It was a pathetic pudding cake. It is the only cake-related-dessert offered by the restaurant lol

And what’s with the toothpick? That pathetic toothpick played its role as a candle for the night lol Ain’t we creative? xD

You see, my baby brother had been telling me how delicious the noodles is at this restaurant and until last night only I got the chance to give myself a try on this claimed-to-be-delicious noodles.

Behold the noodles, Life’s Spicy Noodles. That’s the name lol Pretty cool, huh?

Will definitely come back for it again xD

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Silly Boy

I was amazed that a few friends of mine were almost deceived by my post below.

However, what surprised me most was the boyfriend! Well, he does check my blog very often but unfortunately, not today. He was out the whole day. Therefore, one of his heng tais called him up (after he read my blog) and asked him about it. My silly boy was confused and surprised.

He was driving. Worried and not knowing what was going on, he sped home (ignoring whether there was a speed track nearby), switched on his brother’s computer (the nearest to the entrance) and checked my blog. Later, fcuked his friend through the phone lol

Such a silly boy.

He told me to inform him if I ever blogged anything fictional between us in the future lol

Video call snapshot 2“Thou shall not repeat the same mistake again”

A Break-Up

My boyfriend and I had a break-up.

It happened when were chatting on MSN last night and there was an argument going on. I don’t remember what the argument was about and how it started. Infuriated, I asked for a break-up and he replied,

‘Break up lar!’

I did not cry.

It wasn’t that heart-broken as I thought it would be.

Instead, I decided to go out and had some fun with my friends that night. Hels drove us out.

Oh, have I told you that this is a dream?

It’s March 8th (38) today. I was listening to the radio when I learnt that it is an International Woman’s Day today.

Happy ‘San Pak’ Day to all!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Called the Boyfriend but Not His Voice

I intended to call the boyfriend when different voice answered the call.

A male’s voice, alright? If it is female's, I wonder.. lol

I took a quick glance on my phone and yeah, it was the boyfriend’s name on the screen. Confused, I asked:

‘Is this *****’s number?’

‘Yes, it is but, he is now in Australia to further his studies. May I know who is on the line?’

Stunned. Shocked. Surprised.

‘Oh my gawd!’ was the only line that rang in my head.

Not wanting to bocor my identity, I said:

‘It’s alright. Thank you. Bye!’

Guess what?

I called to the boyfriend’s house number in Cheras!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Richmond Place Restaurant & Cafe

Typical western food can burn a big hole in our pockets. However, they are just so delicious and you would just crave for more. If you are in Kuching and would like to have delicious and yet, affordable but big portion, western food, Richmond Place will be at your service.

Although the design of the place ain’t as nice as compared to those typical western restaurants and cafes, their dishes cannot be underestimated.

It is always people mountain people sea. Therefore, you will have to have an early dinner if you wish to dine here.

This is their menu

Chicken Chop RM8

In Subang Jaya, the cheapest Chicken Chop will be at least RM10. Some more, it is not that delicious –__-

Lamb Chop RM10

Ftw! Lamb Chop weii! Where can you get such a cheap Lamb Chop! It is my favourite dish! Blimey! This is a bomb!

Fish & Chips RM10

Grilled Fish RM10

Alternative: Westwood Cuisine – I have yet to go and try the food there.

Oii, come to Kuching lar. Banyak makanan lumayan kat sini xD

More Studio Photos

I received a tremendous number of ‘Only one picture?’ questions from my previous post. In fact, they took 9 shots per person but we were only allowed to choose one to be edited and developed. Sad, isn’t it? If you want to develop more pictures, 2 5R for RM50, a CD (with all 9 shots inside) for RM70 and there are more packages offered. They sure know how to earn their living, no?

To make this photoshoot more meaningful and worthwhile, I decided to go for that RM70 CD. You see, with this CD, you can develop as many photos as you want. I made the right choice, no?

Below are two of my favourite shots xD



Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Online Test

I’ve done the online test. It ain’t easy and the time given was very short. Sigh. I doubt I did a good job.

I just hope I can pass..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Baby Brother’s 19th

It was my baby brother’s 19th birthday 11 days ago. Yeah, 11 days ago. I was being lazy. To be honest, this year was my very first year celebrating his birthday ever since I pursued my studies in year 2005.

This is my baby brother. Isn’t he adorable? Despite him being younger than me, I learnt a lot from him ever since I came back hometown. During the night of his birthday eve (since he would be busy during his birthday night), my mother and I brought him to Rock Road Seafood Restaurant, one of the recommended seafood restaurants.

We ordered four dishes for the night.



This special dish is the signature dish in the restaurant, Specialty Hainanese Prawns and Buns.

Dip these buns..


..into its gravy. You will never forget the taste xD


Happy Birthday, baby brother <3