Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fumo Update #06


Finally I bought a pair of slippers to be worn in the house. Bought it for 19.90RMB at AUSSINO. It’s freaking cheap! They were having a heavy promotion there. Should have made my purchases there instead and not at IKEA :(

IMG_2381I thought I brought my big bag over to Shanghai but I was wrong. I was craving for a bigger bag and finally I bought one! It cost me 175RMB but I’m satisfied with its quality :)


IMG_2260 Before




IMG_2396 Rakki’s boyfriend was here for a week. We had hot pot (aka steamboat) on the night before he left. I actually confirmed with him on the fact that there aren’t rudest of the rudest words in Japanese. Unlike Hokkien and Cantonese though :S



Had Middle Eastern cuisine for dinner at 1001 Nights Restaurants with two Egyptian Belly Dancers as the entertainment.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fumo Update #05


It was a crazy night. I had Xbox session at one of my colleagues’ place. Beer and games—great! *thumbsup*



Went to IKEA to purchase pillows, blankets, bed sheets, pillow cases and quilt cover. Spent 1.3k (!!!). On a side note, I prefer IKEA in Malaysia. Not that crowded. Also I miss its curry puff :(


IMG_2372Met up with a few friends of mine for a couple of drinks at Windows Scoreboard. Had my first dart game in my life! The game is harder than I thought. Scored less than 5 when my friend scored more than 50!


Hang around the park while enjoying the night view and the moon after. It was a great and relaxing night :)

But Prem has now gone back to Australia *sob*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Punchie #05


The day when three of my colleagues got their new computers.

I will let you justify the picture above.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Team Building: Badminton

This is a really backdated post.

Three weeks ago, our boss suggested to have a badminton game at his apartment after work.


Our boss did not make it for the game though—he had a meeting. However, he brought us for dinner! A great one! Not only we had beer, the food was good. That night was the night I tried the infamous China’s ‘rice wine’. I hate the smell but I like the taste while my colleague, who’s from Taiwan, likes the smell but hates the taste.



IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2354

Some of the great foods


My favourite—rabbits’ legs

IMG_2356And the infamous ‘rice wine’


Since we had beer and it was really late plus, we have to work the next day, we ended the night with the best plan: to go to the office at 10am xD

and oops! We did it!

The International Team Rocks!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fumo Update #04

Finally I have a room of my own! *tearsstreamingdownmycheeks* Imagine having to sleep with no privacy and security for two weeks in a foreign country! Not your home country mm-kay? And with no proper direction on where you are going to stay after those weeks. Two weeks ago, I was pretty hooked up with searching and getting people to move into an apartment that I was supposed to move into. I am really proud of the outcome that I can shout 'I did my best!'


That was one of my lunches in the office. We had deliveries everyday--which means we never ever left the office for lunch though lol! In China, as long as it's something that you have to pay, you can get everything you want through delivery (and not paying for the delivery fee--for some).

That's the same as the previous picture just that the way it's consumed was different. My colleague actually mixed his rice with the side dish. Imagine having to eat oily rice -_-


No matter where I go, Japanese cuisine is still my favourite--especially sushi! That was my snack before I had my proper lunch. It's really good though despite the fact that I'm currently in a place where you are always dubious about the quality of the products here.


I'm feeling rather sick today. I guess I consumed something dirty last night :(

Monday, September 7, 2009

Arakel's Farewell@Cantina Agave

This is a backdated post. Arakel had left more than a week. And that's when I got to have my own room. As planned, he had his farewell dinner at Cantina Agave. And that's where I got to experience great Magheritas and Mexican food with a great bunch of people!

What's this again? Lemon Magherita or something?

First Mexican food experience.

Human being at table #1

Human being at table #2

We crashed Sin Lounge and Richy's after for more drinks and dance! I wasn't prepared to crash two different clubs in one night though.

They just never stopped drinking. I'm really impressed! And no, that glass wasn't for me *bigweteyes*

This guy over here is Ayoub, my first Arabian friend. He left Shanghai last week though.

Rakki, Sid, Prem and the farewell boy, Arakel

Prem, Lewis, Arakel and Rakki

It was really a crazy night. Arakel did enjoy his last night in Shanghai to the fullest with all the random things he did lol!

You know? It's really sad to see people come and go. But I guess that's the life of doing an internship abroad. You get to meet new great people and before you knew it, you have to say goodbyes to them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bill's Farewell@Vue Bar

That Tuesday, we had a farewell party at Vue Bar for one of our trainees, Bill, in Shanghai. I am very new in Shanghai and obviously, I am not close with this farewell boy. I don't even know him in the first place lol!

Vue Bar is my favourite night spot (at the moment). Just take a look at these:

The nightview was mesmerizing! However, the lights were turned off when the clock struck ten. Anyway, this bar is not cheap. The drinks are really costly. However, that night was the last promotion night of the month and we were fortunate enough to get the drinks there without burning big hole in our pockets: 40RMB only! I got myself a Kiwi Rum *yumm*

That's Bill on the left, who's leaving on the next morning, and Prem on the right, who's leaving soon as well. Rakki's on the far right.

Though I only met Bill that night, we had a great talk. I am pretty sure he's a great person to hang around with. And believe it or not, he's one year younger than me omg!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot Pot

When my housemate asked if I wanted to join them for hot pot, I didn't know what hot pot is. And it's steamboat lol! Of course I did not want to miss the fun.

And that's where we had our hot pot. It is located very near to our place and nah, Yuen Steamboat and Shabu-Shabu are far better than this. Good gracious, I miss Yuen and Shabu!

That's the most disgusting soybean that I ever had in my life! It was free and I did almost finish it because, well, got lar!

Though we had that disgusting free soybean, we got to order one soft drink for free! And it's small though.

Small like small and that's why it's free for the first round. You have to pay for the following rounds.

That's the hot pot we had for the night. It was pretty much similar to what I had at TianShiang Steamboat back in Malaysia. And the soup on the left with so many reddish things are spicy! That's what made me almost finished the disgusting soybean -_-

We ordered side dishes as well and I can say that I love this the most - Roti Canai! It's a pineapple flavour I think. And they're delicious! But of course, I prefer mamak more! lol!

Awww.. And now I miss MAMAK!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Let me bring you to the insight of my walking journey to my workplace in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, never ever messed with any of the driver here, be it a bus, car or even a cyclist. They will not give a damn about you!

However, neither should you be too nice with them! Tolerance is not a good choice in Shanghai. Especially when it comes to rush hour.

Please avoid going out during rush hour if you can. In my case, I can't! And that really sucks. You had you get all sweaty and touchy and being squeezed inside a can. You don't even have to walk. People will assist you from behind.

And can you believe it? ME walking more 10 minutes to the office. Well, it's a good change I should say. Healthier. And the best thing is I got to slim down!

It's like an exercise for me! I don't have to pay for the membership fees to gym. I get to exercise for free everyday!

And when I reached the office, I am always drenched with sweat. But of course, the office is air-conditioned (like duhh!!).

Oh, that's where my office is, by the way. That's where the journey ends. It takes me around 15-20 minutes depending on my mood which affected my walking speed :D