Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fumo Update #06


Finally I bought a pair of slippers to be worn in the house. Bought it for 19.90RMB at AUSSINO. It’s freaking cheap! They were having a heavy promotion there. Should have made my purchases there instead and not at IKEA :(

IMG_2381I thought I brought my big bag over to Shanghai but I was wrong. I was craving for a bigger bag and finally I bought one! It cost me 175RMB but I’m satisfied with its quality :)


IMG_2260 Before




IMG_2396 Rakki’s boyfriend was here for a week. We had hot pot (aka steamboat) on the night before he left. I actually confirmed with him on the fact that there aren’t rudest of the rudest words in Japanese. Unlike Hokkien and Cantonese though :S



Had Middle Eastern cuisine for dinner at 1001 Nights Restaurants with two Egyptian Belly Dancers as the entertainment.


kenwooi said...

cozy home slippers eh.. haha..
and your room is very neat! =)

Fumoffu said...

yeahh, but the bad thing about this pair of slippers is that i can't wear it into the bathroom lol! and yes, my room is neat. that's what my housemates said as well when they see my room lol