Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hot Pot

When my housemate asked if I wanted to join them for hot pot, I didn't know what hot pot is. And it's steamboat lol! Of course I did not want to miss the fun.

And that's where we had our hot pot. It is located very near to our place and nah, Yuen Steamboat and Shabu-Shabu are far better than this. Good gracious, I miss Yuen and Shabu!

That's the most disgusting soybean that I ever had in my life! It was free and I did almost finish it because, well, got lar!

Though we had that disgusting free soybean, we got to order one soft drink for free! And it's small though.

Small like small and that's why it's free for the first round. You have to pay for the following rounds.

That's the hot pot we had for the night. It was pretty much similar to what I had at TianShiang Steamboat back in Malaysia. And the soup on the left with so many reddish things are spicy! That's what made me almost finished the disgusting soybean -_-

We ordered side dishes as well and I can say that I love this the most - Roti Canai! It's a pineapple flavour I think. And they're delicious! But of course, I prefer mamak more! lol!

Awww.. And now I miss MAMAK!


kenwooi said...

oh they call it hot pot there huh..
correct also.. haha..

mamak food! =D

Fumoffu said...

ahhhh.. i really miss mamak! :S