Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bill's Farewell@Vue Bar

That Tuesday, we had a farewell party at Vue Bar for one of our trainees, Bill, in Shanghai. I am very new in Shanghai and obviously, I am not close with this farewell boy. I don't even know him in the first place lol!

Vue Bar is my favourite night spot (at the moment). Just take a look at these:

The nightview was mesmerizing! However, the lights were turned off when the clock struck ten. Anyway, this bar is not cheap. The drinks are really costly. However, that night was the last promotion night of the month and we were fortunate enough to get the drinks there without burning big hole in our pockets: 40RMB only! I got myself a Kiwi Rum *yumm*

That's Bill on the left, who's leaving on the next morning, and Prem on the right, who's leaving soon as well. Rakki's on the far right.

Though I only met Bill that night, we had a great talk. I am pretty sure he's a great person to hang around with. And believe it or not, he's one year younger than me omg!


kenwooi said...

nice night view! =D

Fumoffu said...

yeap! it's really a nice place :D