Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fumo Update #04

Finally I have a room of my own! *tearsstreamingdownmycheeks* Imagine having to sleep with no privacy and security for two weeks in a foreign country! Not your home country mm-kay? And with no proper direction on where you are going to stay after those weeks. Two weeks ago, I was pretty hooked up with searching and getting people to move into an apartment that I was supposed to move into. I am really proud of the outcome that I can shout 'I did my best!'


That was one of my lunches in the office. We had deliveries everyday--which means we never ever left the office for lunch though lol! In China, as long as it's something that you have to pay, you can get everything you want through delivery (and not paying for the delivery fee--for some).

That's the same as the previous picture just that the way it's consumed was different. My colleague actually mixed his rice with the side dish. Imagine having to eat oily rice -_-


No matter where I go, Japanese cuisine is still my favourite--especially sushi! That was my snack before I had my proper lunch. It's really good though despite the fact that I'm currently in a place where you are always dubious about the quality of the products here.


I'm feeling rather sick today. I guess I consumed something dirty last night :(


Ashleyteng said...

the food look oily.. prolly it's the food that make u feel sick?

Fumoffu said...

Oily food = the price you have to pay for eating outside :S

kenwooi said...

cozy room!
and the food.. hmmm... i prefer malaysian's tapao food =P


Fumoffu said...