Monday, September 7, 2009

Arakel's Farewell@Cantina Agave

This is a backdated post. Arakel had left more than a week. And that's when I got to have my own room. As planned, he had his farewell dinner at Cantina Agave. And that's where I got to experience great Magheritas and Mexican food with a great bunch of people!

What's this again? Lemon Magherita or something?

First Mexican food experience.

Human being at table #1

Human being at table #2

We crashed Sin Lounge and Richy's after for more drinks and dance! I wasn't prepared to crash two different clubs in one night though.

They just never stopped drinking. I'm really impressed! And no, that glass wasn't for me *bigweteyes*

This guy over here is Ayoub, my first Arabian friend. He left Shanghai last week though.

Rakki, Sid, Prem and the farewell boy, Arakel

Prem, Lewis, Arakel and Rakki

It was really a crazy night. Arakel did enjoy his last night in Shanghai to the fullest with all the random things he did lol!

You know? It's really sad to see people come and go. But I guess that's the life of doing an internship abroad. You get to meet new great people and before you knew it, you have to say goodbyes to them.


TOLANIC said...

Wow, what a multi-racial. So nice =)

Fumoffu said...

Hehe.. Yeahh :D But they are like leaving one by one :S

kenwooi said...

having fun there....
jealous.. lol =P

Fumoffu said...

Malaysia's nightlife isn't that bad as well lol!