Thursday, January 27, 2011



There’s no such thing as coincidence. There’s only inevitability.

Ten years ago, it was just a small crush.

Ten years later, it was just two friends who had not seen each other for a very long time.

You would be surprised by how just a few days of hanging out with each other would beat the years that you missed.

It brought an unexpected change in him. In contrast, she was taking it like they are just friends. Therefore, she was in a disbelief.

He was ready but she was not.

However, he did not give up and she was amazed.

Not that she did not like him at all. The feeling is there but she was afraid to love again.

That was when he gave her the courage.

Though she may be still struggling, she is willing to give herself and themselves a chance.

And that was when two different paths heading towards the same destination.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20Eleven Resolutions

So most of us have had our resolutions for the new year. As for me, finally I came up with mine after a month; five resolutions. I need something logical and achievable. Those unachievable ones are what I called, dreams.

Resolution one, weight loss.


Yes, I am sure this is within each and every one of us regardless of those who are already slim. Most of us think we are fat! In my case, I really had gained a lot of weight. Therefore, with this as well as I just signed up a twenty-session slimming programme, I definitely aim to cut my weight down. I had too much unhealthy food and, you bet, alcohol in Shanghai.

Resolution two, more workout.


Yes, even if I followed my healthy diet plan as well as attending the slimming treatments, I will not be fit and healthy if I do not work out. I am really dedicated to be healthier since I am no longer studying and as active as before. I had already signed up a two-year gym membership with True Fitness so, I believe this is going to work.

Resolution three, pay rise.


Yes, so what if I was confirmed after working two months? I am aiming to get a pay rise within this year which means I have to work harder and bring in more money to the company.

Resolution four, vacation.


Despite of working hard, of course I must reward myself an awesome vacation. I had already made a plan to Melbourne and Perth in July last year. Yes, I bought my flight tickets already but I am now freaking out, worried that this vacation is not going to happen. Why? Just take a look at the Australian dollars!

Resolution four, a legendary birthday celebration.


You must be like, what the fuck? I am serious! I want to have a legendary birthday celebration this year! Why? Just take a look at my birthday date. This only happen once every 10 centuries unless I am able to live that long.

There, all my five resolutions. We shall look back at this post when twenty twelve comes, shall we?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Getaway Up in the Sky!

It was planned since last year that we would go to Genting this month. Though all things did not go as planned, I am glad that it happened. It was a nice and loving get-together getaway with the girls. Well, the guys joined us later. And when they did, guess what? Instead of entering the casino, we went for Haunted Adventure.


You would not believe me that we were such a bunch of pussies. We were already hugging each other like crazy when listening to the ‘rules’. We freaked out like mad when we were just at the entrance, not even inside the place! Ken and Chi Wei literally crawled on the floor at one of the junctions to make sure that there was nothing that would come out and scared the hell out of us. I screamed all the way with my ears half covered! And more! Definitely another memorable of Point One.


In the room, we gave Ken a surprise be-early birthday celebration as well as a nice chat session. We talked all sort of shits; from ghost stories which was covered most of the time and movies – for those who wanted to watch Lake House, please get it from Ken.

The mist was really thick the next day we left the place and it was already noon time! When we got to Kuala Lumpur, we had bah kut teh for brunch. We were already discussing out next getaway and that will be none other places than Ipoh!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011



It was definitely the worst encounter I have ever had and of course, I do not want it to happen ever again!

It happened at the bus stop in the area that I am staying. This bus stop is where I always catch the bus to Pudu LRT Station, Berjaya Times Square and what not.

It was just yesterday, at the bust stop, I was waiting for the bus like obviously. Most of the people got into the previous bus and that left only me and this fat Indian man.

A cab stopped at the bus stop where a Malay lady alighted the cab. The fat Indian man then got into the front of the cab. I saw him negotiating with the cab driver and got out with an upset look. I was already sitting on a bench seeing it was empty. He then walked over and guess what?

He sat right next to me, shoulder-to shoulder!

Fuck, I freaked out and got up instantly, looking back at him. He was acting as if nothing happened, wtf! Okay, I found it really awkward so I sort of asking him what happened between him and the cab driver. The bus that I had been waiting for was seen coming

He was getting on the same bus too so, I let him got up before me so he could choose himself a seat first. I then chose a seat further from him but guess what?

He got up and came sitting right in front of me, fucking facing me and wanted to talk to me!

I freaked out double! I quickly made a call to my brother so I would deem to be busy. After the phone call, he tried to talk to me but I hand-signaled him that I was listening to music. I realised that he kept staring at me and seriously, I freaked out triple!

I decided to get up and change to another seat.

My heart my pounding really hard. When the bus reached my destination, I alighted the bus real fast and walked as fast as I could, while looking back once in a while, making sure he did not follow me.

To be honest, I thought I could this situation really well but I guess I was over-traumatised that when I went to bed, I wanted to cry...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

All-You-Can-Eat Japanese

Yes, this is so true. This is all-you-can-eat Japanese ala carte buffet. Imagine yourself ordering sashimi non-stop for RM44.90++! However, some things are not always perfect.




You may order sashimi, sushi, whatever shi and mi Japanese food but, the service was really slow. It was like they were trying to drag you some time. Also, the portion was really small that we could have over-ordered and you had to pay for the leftover.


It was funny that night when ridiculous food kept coming to us when we had already stopped ordering and then only to find out that the waiters sent the wrong orders to us. I would not believe us being so retarded to order chicken rice.


Still, if you are interested as to where we had this quite awesome deal, do proceed to Sen Tsuru Japanese Restaurant which is located in Damansara. Just a piece of advice, remember what you had ordered to avoid the possibility of extra charges.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 20Ten

I was still in Shanghai when I started my 2010, still dancing, drinking and partying with my friends at Warehouse 1933. It was the craziest night out I had ever had back then; got home around six in the morning. Also, Adrian, one of my closest friends in Kuala Lumpur, was there, visiting me. We had a lot of fun back then. There were a lot of parties back in January, be it house parties or farewell parties.


I was back in Malaysia for two weeks during Chinese New Year. However, I regretted for not staying back in Shanghai. It would be so much different celebrating Chinese New Year in the land of the Chinese. Plus, it does not happen always. What was I thinking back then?


My life in Shanghai started to slow down in March; not much of drinking and partying. I was employed as a part-time English teacher. Taking up this new job really helped me to grow more. I learned to be more determined and responsible for what I am doing. Some of my friends did not like such changes, but I believe they understand.


I started April with the craziest Easter Day celebration I have ever had in my life. I think it will be the first and also, the last, epic Easter Day celebration. Teaching, buffet, drinking, clubbing, drinking continued and karaoke-ing. Trust me, I did not sleep for 48 hours and did all aforementioned.


Though I worked during weekdays and taught every Sunday, with all the sightseeing I had made as well as crazy parties like Roller Disco, May had been a very happening month for me compared to March and April.


Due to World Expo 2010 being a bitch, June was not a great month for me. It was my final month in Shanghai. Actually shit happened back in May. I was to leave Shanghai in the middle of June though most of my contracts ended in August. Therefore, it was a stressful period but, I am glad I managed to make it through and solved the matters. It was like my last challenge before I was allowed to go back Malaysia.


I was finally back in Malaysia, hanging out with my friends and family. Being homeless, one of my closest friends in Kuala Lumpur was willing to take me in for almost three weeks! I took that opportunity to seek for job opportunities in Kuala Lumpur and I managed to secure a job in July.


I officially started my job in the middle of August. In fact, I spent half of August back home with my family and then another half in Kuala Lumpur. I am glad that I am able to work here, just as I planned. It is not the time for me to go back just yet.


Just when I thought I would live a healthier lifestyle back home, I had my very first night out with my babes in the month of September. However, I did not regret organising it as we all had fun. I wonder if we are doing this another round.

Moving on, I had my very first business trip. I went to Thailand with my superior, meeting our principal, and were there for four days. The trip really blew my mind as I learned seriously, a lot, from all the people I met be it my colleagues or clients.

For the month of November, of course my birthday marked the month. It was great to be able to celebrate my birthday with people I wanted to celebrate with; family and friends. In that same month, I went for another business trip, this time to Indonesia and guess what? I planned everything my own. Blimey, no serious shit happened *phew*

As for December, which was just yesterday, I had a New Year Eve celebration at Chris’ place, the place I had stayed for almost three weeks when I was homeless back in June-July. I would say that was a healthy celebration; with food, soft drinks and video games to play with.


I believe 20Eleven is going to be another great year for me. Why? I love eleven and this year my birthday is going to be legendary! I will definitely make sure that it will be.

Happy New Year!