Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Sunday

Finally my blog is in April. It’s catching up with us real soon though we are going to May. The temperature should be lovely now in Shanghai since supposedly it’s spring now. However, global warming is more serious than I thought. It’s still so cold in Shanghai. The winter is not over  though we had already celebrated Spring Festival, wtf!

IMG_5402Anyway, I started off my April with an amazing Easter Sunday. A friend of mine invited me to and Easter buffet lunch. I was very delighted and at that time, I needed that desperately. Therefore, after I finished teaching (and woo! I received my pay that day too!), I joined the buffet lunch. It was all-you-can-eat (no drinks) Brazilian food buffet. Countless of meat charging at you. The waiters would come to your table with different types of meat. I consumed a lot as I took that buffet as my lunch and dinner for the day lol! It’s ninety-eight kuai. No way I were to waste that nine-eight!


After lunch, we headed to the guys’ place to chill. Watched a few Xbox FIFA games and movies before we ordered dinner and well, beer the whole damn time! They aimed to get lashed that day. No way I ain’t joining them so, I started to power up for drinks and we headed to Muse for music and dance.


Unbelievably Goat, Sam and I bumped into our direct boss in the club. We were invited to his private booked room for some crazy KTV and dance as well! It was so weird but at the same time, fun. Imagine you see your boss drinking, singing and dancing with some Chinese chicks! It’s not like you could witness this often! In a nutshell, that day went pretty well for me and I had a lot of fun. It was epic!

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