Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let’s Goat Around!

Before I start further on this post, I would like to reassure everyone that I am still in Shanghai. I realised that my previous posted had confused most of my friends; they thought I am already back in Malaysia, which was true but two months ago. My blog is one month behind us.

So, let’s Goat around now!

One of my colleagues, a Frenchie, had a housewarming part at his newly moved apartment. I was like the 98th guest for the night and blimey, it was really packed!


It was all good until the policemen came to shut the party down and therefore, a few of us headed to The Shelter for Drum ‘n’ Bass!

The place is cool. The music was good. The crowd was awesome. Everything was perfect. However, I had the urge to go back home earlier than I would have.

And my my, you couldn’t believe how glad I were to be back home earlier. When I was back home, I smelled something strange and to my surprise, the cooking gas wasn’t switched off. The soup was over-boiled at some point of time and nobody was there to look after it.

What in the world could happen if I were not back home earlier...

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