Monday, April 19, 2010

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple

Finally I was in a mood to go for a short sightseeing around Shanghai. Well, only to one place though. Plus, it was my first time to travel alone. Lonely but interesting. Anyway, Jade Buddha Temple was where I went after I finished teaching that Sunday.

IMG_5297 Great Treasure Hall where worshippers pray to the past, present and future Buddhas.


The Hall of Heavenly Kings that contains its namesake kings.

IMG_5307 I guess these must be done by couples.

In order to view this famous Jade Buddha that seated in his own hall, I had to pay extra 10 kuai and unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photography in the hall. Sad but true.


This was my last stop. I was watching those kids trying really hard to toss their coins into that building looking pillar. Guess what happened next? Well, the silly me of course went to do the same after they left. I made three wishes though and they are...

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