Saturday, April 24, 2010

Party Hopping

It was last Saturday when I was invited to join this be-early birthday surprise plan. I would say it was pretty well organised by a sweet girlfriend for her beloved boyfriend. Since he is turning 30 this year, the theme for this birthday dinner was “Old” and therefore, we all had to dress up as an old person.


That’s the birthday man and they even made a bunting for him. Cool, right?


And these are the group of ‘senior’ citizens for the night. Very creative, aren’t they? It’s really interesting to see how much effort they put to dress up though.

IMG_5475 IMG_5476It was believe that there were around 50 people and we had two floors. Awesome, right?


Each of us paid 150rmb and it was all-you-can-drink; they had red wines, beers and soft drinks. Unfortunately I had to teach the next day and therefore, I resisted to drink that night. See that burger above? It was huge but smaller compared to this. I didn’t finish it though as it came really late and I had 5-6 pieces of drumsticks before it reached my table.

Later when the clock struck 10pm, I left to Ying’s. She organised a house party at hers that night. Well, most of them were surprised when I turned up at the party though. They thought I would not be able to make it.



However, I was glad to have turned up at the party. It was indeed a great one.


And guess what? I got to know a Malaysian intern at the party. She’s from LC USM. Pretty great, huh?

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