Friday, April 2, 2010


I spent a lot when I was back in Malaysia for Spring Festival. There were only outflows, never an inflow. Sad but true.

IMG_4933I bought myself a new MP3 player, finally. It is 2G this time. I know 2G is still small but I cannot be bothered. My previous MP3 player was only 512MB, alright? Therefore, 2G is enough for me and I am happy!


Also, I bought myself a badminton racquet. My direct boss would organise a badminton session once in a while so it is a good investment. At least that is what I thought. Cost me RM80 for both the racquet, the string, the hand sticker (or whatever you call it) and the bag! Awesome, right? I knowww..


Finally I had SugarBun! You will never ever find this fast food restaurant in West Malaysia. Never! Unless they had expanded there without my knowledge.


What I love the most is its rice. Good Deal, Great Meal. Me love!


kenwooi said...

hmm sugarbun.. i've never heard of that place.. haha.. but now i do =)

Fumoffu said...

Haha.. Yeah, I like its rice. It's really goooooood :)