Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fumo Update #13


Chocolates all the way from USA and UK. Very the awesome, right? Other being an ice-cream person, I am a chocolate person. I love it when they are not stingy with almond nuts. Since I had already finished those chocolates above, guess what? I am fortunate enough to meet this Dutch guy who will be in Sydney for three weeks; will be back on April 23rd and I can’t wait to see him! Why? Because I asked him a favour to buy chocolates for me from Aussie (woo)!



Finally becoming a workaholic. I got myself a part-time job for the weekends; Sunday mornings, to be exact, and this change my life totally. I am more disciplined now (hooray!) and believe it or not, no more party or alcohol on Saturday nights. I still have friends who ask me out on Saturday nights but trust me, it ain't easy to push away the invitations. The temptation of not wanting to miss out and having fun together was really strong. However, I am proud that I resisted *give myself a good pat at the back*



My first non-alcohol Tairyo Teppanyaki. Imagine how excruciating it was to watch my housemates drinking beer and sake non-stop. Seriously, it was not worth paying 150RMB that night just to eat and drink canned drinks. You must be curious as to why didn’t I drink? Well, aforementioned, I had gotten myself a part-time job so, yeah, I did Teppanyaki with my housemates on Saturday. Bad timing, I know.



What surprise me in China is that women were give half day off from work on International Women’s Day! Awesome, right?

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