Thursday, April 1, 2010


This trip was quite an adventure. I had to take a cab from my house to the train station, took a train from Shanghai’s railway station to Hangzhou, took a cab from Hangzhou’s railway station to Hangzhou Airport.

It was a tiring journey.

All I wanted when I reached the airport was a fulfilling dinner and a good place for me to sit and online. Cost me around 60RMB for a not-so-much glass of hot chocolate.

IMG_4924I was very looking forward to get into the aircraft ‘cos it was really late and I was all tired and sleepy. I was very satisfied with my given seat. It was spacious and I knew I could have a very good sleep.


While the air stewardess was showing us on how to use the equipments in the aircraft, I was looking through the menu. Surprisingly enough they serve Krispy Kreme in the flight now.


Also, when I flipped to duty-free spirits, man, it was so cheap to buy in-flight. It was then I decided to buy a bottle or two of spirits when I was taking my next flight back to Shanghai however this plan didn’t come true. You will find out the reason why as you continue to follow my blog...

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