Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fumo Update #03: Another New Girlfriend!

Just got myself another girlfriend!

She is way faster than the previous one.

More capacity.

And wider.

Meet my new girlfriend of my life, Acer 4736G.

IMG_1912I don’t know whether she is a good choice neither do I know whether she has bad rating. All I know is she is definitely way way way better than the previous one.


Plus, instead of being a dull black little one, she comes in my favourite colour—blue!

p.s.: I’m still having a hard time with Windows Vista.


kenwooi said...

girlfriend?? shouldnt it be your boyfriend?? haha.. why acer.. i dont think acer is good.. lol.. and vista.. i had it with dell when i first got it.. but then changed back to xp because of the bad performance.. but maybe vista has gone better? not sure la.. =)

Fumoffu said...

If I were to write 'Boyfriend', I could hear some breaking sound from afar lol! Girl only needs one boyfriend but a lot of girlfriends lol and maybe vice versa for boys? :D

Well, I was hesitating when buying Acer as well but what to do? My previous one seriously not good though it's Fujitsu. Super expensive but guess what? She only has 768 DDR1 RAM (DDR1 some more) and around 80G T_T

Therefore, I need a better lappie for my work :)

Aidi-Safuan said... dat really blue???is my eyes lying to me????

Fumoffu said...

Yeap :) It's dark blue. Pardon me the lighting. I've tried my best to get a suitable shot but blah lol!

clement said...

is this the one the track pad is like apple? and the batt last 8 hrs?

kenwooi said...

haha.. coz when i got my macbook, i call it girlfriend instead of boyfriend... and you called my entry hentai!! grrrr.. lol..

oh anyway, enjoy having "fun" with your girlfriend ya.. but dont have TOO much fun ya.. some breaking sound from afar might happen too.. get my drift? ;)

Fumoffu said...

clement: Track pad like apple? You mean the its keyboard? Regarding the batt, kononnya only. Never tried it so, I'm not sure.

kenwooi: Hahaha.. Still remember I said your post hentai? Not bad. Good memory xD

And yeap, I got your drift lol! Will control my 'fun' with this babe :D :D

clement said...

u can pinch photo to zoom and use 3 finger for previous page for net... comething like that... he he.. i wanna get touchscreen by dell

Fumoffu said...

ohhh.. then this is not the one already :)

i saw the one you mentioned but i did not buy it instead. quite expensive lerr..

you know? before i bought lappie, i went to do a lot of research on Dell. mana tau i ended up with Acer lol!

Chew said...

I thought was a real girlfriend but came here saw something good too which is the laptop :) the model looks pretty nice too.

Fumoffu said...

Yeap, for a person like me, it is more than enough :)

Senghoo said...

macbook's better!

Fumoffu said...

But to me, not affordable