Wednesday, August 26, 2009


After re-re-formatted my PC again and re-installed the Driver, I could finally access to the cyber world!

However, there was nothing for me to do here. I could not even access to the company’s virtual world to test out the games and functions. All I did was do my own personal things ie. Surfing random websites and Gaia Online-ing. Oh, let me show you the office :)

This area is just after the entrance. That’s where the staff hang around, playing table tennis (there should have a PS2) during lunch hour time.

That’s the the office. Very orange, huh? xD

This is where I work

These pictures were taken with the popular stars who casted the games’ characters

One of the managers brought her pet, Yuro, to the office. He’s really adorable. And greedy. I was having my lunch when suddenly I saw him peeping.

My lunch

That’s Yuro—ain’t he adorable?

That night, I joined my housemates for dinner at Da Ning. Megan and I met up the guys, Arakel, Daniel and Lewis, at Saizeriya Ristorante E Café. I was aware that I did not join the talk the most and therefore, I made it up for it when Arakel was telling us that he will be going to Shanghai Zoo. I shared my special elephant show encounter with them.
Some part of Da Ning—it’s like a small city with many shopping malls! Will probably hang around here when the girls are here :)

Saizeriya Ristorante E Cafe

Mom called that night. I told her about me worrying over the expenses in Shanghai and her advice virtually hit me hard. I am no longer in SS15! She encouraged me to know more friends here and that I shouldn’t be worrying over money too much as those money I spent will eventually be earned back.

Thank you, mom for making my day :)


kenwooi said...

nice office.. i like orange!

yuro is cute.. at first i thought its fake! lol =P

your mum is right! but sometimes im worried about over spending too.. =P

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, orange makes the office looks more lively and you know, happy! lol!

Yuro is an arrogant dog lol! No food, no friend HAHA!

And yeah, now I have not be fully dependent, I must be very conscious over my spending :)