Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of Work!

It was my first day of work and I was really excited about it. I woke up around 5.40am as I wasn’t used to with the sky getting so bright that early. It was like 7am back in Malaysia!

I was all prepared when it was around 8am. An AIESECer from FDU Shanghai would come and show me the way to the office from where I stay.
There were only walks and bus rides—a turning point in my life.
iLemon has a very colourful office and I like it a lot. Ironically, having such a lively decoration, it’s rather quiet here.

So, what did I do for the first day of my work?

Numerous people asked me that question even before I am here. Basically, I have to act as a Game Master and venture the virtual world, testing out all the applications inside to check if they are working as well as taking note of their English. They usually did a direct translation from Chinese to English which sounds weird and awkward.

My working desk

However, the PC’s OS is in Chinese. Therefore, it has to be reformatted and reinstalled with English OS. It did not go that well as there were no Drivers installed. Fortunately, I have really nice colleagues. They were willing to help a lot to solve the problem

It did not go well throughout the whole day. Since I could not go Online, all I did in front of the PC was to play the games ie. Solitaire, Pinball till it was time to go home.


Hopefully, the PC can be fixed the next day.

Since I am new here, my colleagues are really nice to show me the way to the Metro Station. However, I wasn't taking Metro back home. Instead, I went to meet up with my housemates, Rakki and Arakel, to have dinner together and visit Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower after.

My dinner

That's Rakki from Japan

It was really beautiful but due to wrong timing, I wasn’t enjoyed myself as much and as crazy as typical Angelina will. I believe I will probably go over the tower again, with my new housemates, Szu (a Taiwanese) and Ying (a New Zealander), who will be coming over to Shanghai in September.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Pictures that I’d taken from 263m and 350m

To be honest, currently, I am staying with great housemates but due to not having my own room, I wasn’t comfortable staying there. Imagine you were drop dead tired after work but you do not have a decent and comfortable room right behind a door. In fact, there’s no door in my current ‘room’.

I wish the days will pass faster.

The worst part for the end of the day was I forgot about my boyfriend’s birthday. I’m too selfish.

What a selfish me!

I felt so guilty!

Fortunately, I have a very understanding boyfriend :)

Love you heaps *hugs*


kenwooi said...

haha.. i cant imagine myself working in china.. i cant read mandarin.. my command in speaking also just basic.. lol..

and how could you forget your bf's birthday??! lol.. =P

Fumoffu said...

Well, you can still work here. I need people who are fluent and excel in English a lot. Plus, in order to survive here, it's best if you communicate with people here more in English than Chinese lol! They will treat you differently when they know that you are a foreigner lol!

And I don't mean to forget his birthday. I was too stuck up on my first day of work though. I felt really guilty and bad :(