Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I’ve had enough of it! No more taking bus home!

But one thing good about it is that you have higher chances of getting a seat throughout that 30-45 minutes ride. As for metro, don’t ever think about it.

It was my very first time taking a bus home and it took me almost 2 hours to reach home. One thing was, I was lost. Second thing was, there was a lot of walking to do. Do not even try to compare it to when you take a bus to work.

It was around 7.45PM when I got home. It was really a tiring journey. In fact, I almost died of hunger.

I cooked rice and boiled a soup once I got home and took my shower after whereby the food would be ready by then.

Anyway, I’ve finally opened a bank account—China Merchants Bank—since the company is not paying us either cash or cheque. They transfer. Unfortunately, they are not able to receive my Maybank USD traveller cheque. Therefore, I have no choice but to open another bank account in Shanghai. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, most probably.


kenwooi said...

pretty though right.. i think coz too many ppl.. place to seat also hard to get... here in malaysia.. getting a seat in ktm during peak hours also so hard... lol.

Fumoffu said...

yeah, it's almost impossible to get a seat in trains lol! and people will just keep squeezing in 'cos they have the perception that train is long and big so it can fit as many people as it can lol! Unlike bus, once it's full, you can squeeze in anymore lol!