Friday, August 28, 2009


That Saturday was another chilling night for the interns in Shanghai. I left home with Arakel to meet up with Meg and Rakki who were already with the rest of the interns at The Bounty. The place was getting really packed before we decided to leave to another bar, Kaiba. It was said that Kaiba serves good beer.

I didn't drink that night and I hadn't had my dinner at that time. It was more like a chilling and get-to-know-people night for me. I was sad to learn that two more interns are leaving. Still, I had a great night with them. It was really fun.

After we're done with our drinks (fyi, I didn't drink), we left to another bar which is my favourite. Maybe because there's a big couch and it gives a homely feel to people. My housemate literally fell into a deep asleep on the couch! Can you imagine how comfortable the place is?

Soon after we're done with chilling and relaxing, a number of us wanted to go to a club to end the night. No, I didn't go. I was too exhausted so I went back with my girlmates :)

Imagine having to club for two nights--straight!

I definitely can't do it.


kenwooi said...

i dont go to clubs.. i only went once.. but i came out immediately coz i couldnt stand the smoke from cigarettes.. =)

Fumoffu said...

Yeahh.. but you still can get to go to a place where it isn't smokey. In KL, you can go to Euphoria in Sunway! It's a non-smoking club, if I am not mistaken hehe!