Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Risk

Surprisingly, I woke up around 9-ish! Maybe it’s because of my room being too bright.

I got myself headed to the market to get some grocery done ie. rice, vegetables and meats. And I cooked for lunch! I made soup with vegetables and meats mixed together. It’s a healthy and not fattening meal. Hoping to slim down by the time I’m done with Shanghai lol!

That noon was great! I had a board game, The Risk, with my housemates and a friend; Daniel and Nick and Rasto (Dan’s friend). Have you heard of this game? I don't. But now I do. Since it’s more like a Strategy game, I thought I would be the first to get KO-ed but apparently, I survived till the end! No, I wasn’t the winner. However, we played for more than three hours!

There wasn’t much going on that night except I had a chat with my mom over the phone. I miss her and I really do. A lot :)

And I couldn’t sleep well that night as there was an argument going on between a couple in the house but let’s not step into others’ business, shall we? :)

Oh! I got the pictures of my accommodation from my housemate that noon!

The smallest room in the unit and it's located downstairs

The bigger room downstairs

Another bigger room upstairs

The best room in the unit upstairs

Edit: Since I will not be moving into that house, whoever got the room in the last picture is really fortunate. It has the best location where s/he can get the best view of Pudong day and night.


kenwooi said...

never heard of "the risk" game.. and the house is really nice.. too bad you are not living in this house.. =(

Fumoffu said...

I never heard of that game too until my housemates introduced it to me lol! Well, yeah, the house is really nice and awesome but it's freaking expensive for me and I don't get paid a lot. Also, I wanted to save money for travel and entertainment purposes so, I forgo that wonderful place :S