Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Refugee Spotted!

There wasn’t much fun going on when I first arrived Shanghai.

I am not able to move into the apartment that I am supposed to stay. Therefore, I have to tumpang at a trainee house where some of the trainees stay together. There wasn’t a room available for me and the females’ rooms are too small to share with. So, I was to sleep at a big space next to the stairs upstairs.

That’s how it looks like

And that’s the stairs

Very pathetic, I know

After putting my luggage down and such, I was to go to the Police Station to apply as a Temporary Resident in Shanghai. I was told that it was a MUST to do it. It was around 10am back then and I hadn’t had my breakfast. The last meal I had was in the plane around 2am.

After we were done with the Temporary Resident application, we went to grab something to eat. My very first meal in Shanghai—Fried Rice but it sucks to the MAX! Maybe because I didn’t take a rest after I got down from the plane so I didn’t have any appetite to eat.

Went back to the place to pack my things properly in the room before going out to get some necessaries.

Of all the unfortunate events above, I’m glad to have great housemates :)
That night, I had pizza, beer and football (Chel vs Hull) with two of my housemates, Daniel and Lewis, when the rest of my housemates were out for Linkin Park concert.

Great night, huh?


Jimi said...

Refugee? Not that bad IMO. ^^

Fumoffu said...

Yeahh.. I'm getting used to it.

kenwooi said...

not as bad as the REAL refugees lah.. haha.. =D

Fumoffu said...

Well, but to sleep there during summer is really torturing. But finally, I got myself a room :D :D