Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3: Pattaya

The third day of the trip was really exciting and thrilling. We had a few water sports that day and guess what? I got to try parasailing! It was my very first time and definitely, not the last. Honestly, it was not as scary as I thought and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I started out poorly so I hurt my toes before I was raised into the air and when I was up there, I really felt like I was a bird.


We continued to Coral Island after and there, we had more water sports which I had never had before such as jet ski..

P1012485 well as the banana boat. Now talking about the banana boat, I had a terrible experience. This man was supposed to fling us at the more shallow are but due to a mistake, we were flung at the deeper sea level and tell you what, I cannot swim very well. I thought I would drown especially when the water is salty. Damn, now that’s the downside. The upside of this was that we had one free banana boat fling.


Thank goodness we were sent back to the hotel first before we proceed the day’s remaining activities. After we took our show and all, we went to watch an interesting show, Alangkarn. And really, I enjoyed this show a lot.


After the show, guess where we had our dinner? At a club which is situated next to where we watched the Cabaret. Dined in a club, huh? Very interesting. When we were about to leave, we were told that our coach left us. A retard told the bus driver that we would all walk back to our hotel, wtf.


Anyway, before we headed back to our hotel, we had a short trip of food hunt. I had another round of sweet corn. Their sweet corn is good and I will definitely miss this in Malaysia. Damn, I really miss it now!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 2: Pattaya

It was the second day of the trip when we had to leave Bangkok to Pattaya. It was a 4-hour ride, if I am not mistaken. On our way, we had our lunch at this huge tiger zoo. Note, it was just a lunch only.


Also, we dropped by Silver Lake as well as this huge temple nearby before we went to watch this cultural show as well as an elephant show. At Silver lake, you get to enjoy beautiful scenery; flowers blooming surrounding this huge lake. Nothing much could be seen at this huge temple. I do not even recall the name of it. All I could remember is I had to pay to use the toilet there and it was not even clean.


Later that night was my very first time in my lifetime to ever watch Thai Girls’ Show and trust me, it was not interesting at all. It was actually quite disgusting. No, I am not criticising these girls’ profession. It is just my personal opinion. I admit I was not able to handle it well and I personally think that it was a complete turn off. At least I experienced such show that is infamous in Thailand and no, I will not go for the second time.


However, fortunately the night was saved by Lady Boys’ Show, also known as Cabaret Show. It was really good and you would not believe that these ‘ladies’ are actually ‘men’. They are just so beautiful and what not, their monster figures. After the show, you could take pictures with them outside the building for just 100baht and if you want to touch them, you have to pay them another 400baht. I saw an old man groped one of these ‘ladies’’ breasts *pfft*

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 1: Bangkok

It was the boyfriend’s company trip to Thailand. We went to Bangkok and Pattaya during our four-day-three-night trip. It was a tiring one and let me tell you why it was so.

The flight to Bangkok was 9-ish in the morning and guess what? From KLIA. So we, who are staying in Penang, had to head down to KLIA the night before the flight. The company was nice enough to prepare us the transportation. We left Penang late night and blimey, it was an excruciating trip! The coach was sadly uncomfortable. The seats were really hard and I could barely snooze.


By the time we reached the airport, it was only 5-ish early in the morning. Since we still had plenty of time, we all headed to McDonald’s to have our breakfast and free and easy after before we all gathered to meet our tour guide. To be honest, following a tour is not to my liking but this is a arranged company trip so, no complain.


And finally we had our flight tickets. We had some spare time to loiter around for a bit before we boarded the aircraft. Good to know that we were taking Malaysia Airlines; complimentary food with ample space of seats.


To my surprise, there was a complimentary entertainment as well. The boyfriend was already in deep sleep while I watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The two-hour flight passed just like that and finally we landed Bangkok.


There ain’t time for us to rest after we collected our baggage and got up to our coach. We headed straight to our first destination, Safari World. We first went to have our buffet lunch before dolphins’ show as well as Thai’s 007 show. Both were entertaining.


And along Bangkok streets, you will not fail to see Beethoven's, if you know what I mean. “There’s a reason why this place is called Bangkok” – quoted from Hangover Part 2 lol 


We went to Madame Tussauds as well as bought some souvenirs before we called it a day. That night the boyfriend and I experienced the local food at a night market nearby. The food adventure was short but interesting. Boy we were glad that the hotel we were staying was good and all of us had a good rest that night. Our faces told it all the next day.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lovely Weekend in Kuala Lumpur!

It was my second trip back to Kuala Lumpur ever since I moved to Penang. During my first trip, I did not meet one of my babes so, that weekend was a blessed one. Her boyfriend drove her to meet me at Taman Desa on Saturday night.


Then on Sunday, it was all about eating! My brother brought the girlfriend and I to Paddington House of Pancakes to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was my first time there and guess what? We ordered three different pancakes!


They do not have proper one name for their pancakes. They name their pancakes based on what the toppings are for example, 3 mini oreo pancakes with choco sauce with melting mashmallows and fresh strawberries.


We ordered a normal dish as well, grilled stuffed chicken breast with potato wedges. With pancakes. To be honest, I was really stuffed and hope to have a faster food digestion. Why? There was another bigger meal coming up that same night. And what’s that?


korean BBQ! However, it was not the favourite place though. This time we went to Nak Won as Seoul Korean was fully booked on our preferred time. Very saddening. Thought I was able to have one round of nice Korean BBQ on my second trip. Anyway, trust me, Seoul Korean has the best Korean BBQ. It is in Taman Desa. Think I am lying? Go find it out yourself!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Food Review: Strawberry Forever

One of my friends recommended me to try out this place and after finding out where it is located, I asked the boyfie out for dinner. It is actually very close to where we stay so it was not difficult for us to find the place.


By the look of its interior, I believe most girls would love this place. However, I find this place a bit weird. Maybe it is too reddish and pinkish. Not my cup of tea. Then by looking at its menu, urm, the food does not look convincing.


And I was right. The food was wrong. The place was wrong. Everything just seems so wrong!


We then gave the desserts a try and tried their most recommended strawberry pie. It looks good from the outside, right? However, to my horror, it does not taste right.


We ordered Mango Souffle or something but, it failed to change our minds of not coming to Strawberry Forever again. Unless you want the food to ruin your day. This thing was tasteless.

Am I being too picky? I guess not. Kuala Lumpur must have spoiled my food intake. So far I have not found a place comparable to Sushi Zanmai, Moo Cow, Seoul Korean and Levain Boulangarie. Maybe those are the reasons that I should go back once in a while.

Click here if you want to go Strawberry Forever.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food Review: Sticks Fire Bistro@Queensbay Mall, Penang

One of our evenings, we went to Sticks Fire Bistro to try out their food. The meal turned out to be really horrible. The place was okay. The live band was horrible. The service was horrible. Worst of all, the food was totally indescribably horrible.


Well, an exception for the appetizer. Probably because spring rolls is a simple dish so, there is no other way they could screw it up.


This is their so-called Salmon Pasta. Do you see any salmon? I saw cheap, small, little pieces of salmon here and there. It was tasteless as well. Disappointing.


Their Juicy Burger. They indicated to me that it is going to be quite big but what the hell? It was not even half of the size they showed to me. Anyway, it was good. My problem was with its size.


And these were their soup and dessert. Pretty pathetic, right? And we ain’t going back there anymore.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tokyo Street@Pavilion KL

It was the week that I first went for my, well, previous job’s training. Yeah, this post is backdated. Like super backdated. In fact, most of my posts now were backdated.


After almost a month in Penang, I finally could have the food that I missed the most. The food that I previously could have at least once a month when I was still staying in Kuala Lumpur, and they are kampua and bian nvk!


We headed to Pavilion after and went to its recently opened Tokyo Street. I heard of it but never had the chance to go over. It reminded me of some other streets in Sunway Pyramid.


We found a few interesting stuff there such as a huge Domo!


Then a photo booth and well, typical me, went to fool around with it.


Feeling thirsty? They have Ochado for you and trust me, this is better than Chatime. I doubt I can find Ochado in Penang. What a pity.


And before we headed back, we went to get something from Parkson and ta-dah!


Behold my first damage, from Tokyo Street. A toy chocolate camera. Yes, that is a camera! My friends who saw this would not believe it!


And the second damage, from Parkson. I am into Laneige products thanks to my ex-housemate. They did their job and my complexion is getting better now.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food Review: Kaffa Kafe@Straits Quay, Penang

Kaffa has three outlets in Penang but we chose to go to the one that was recently opened in Straits Quay. Also, it was our first time there as well. We ordered two sets of meal and some appetizers since we skipped our breakfast and lunch that day.


The mushroom soup was just nice and reasonable portion. However, could have given us more garlic breads though.


Our first appetizer was Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Salad. Portion enough for two persons. It was good so no negative comments on this.


Our next appetizer was Grilled Beef Bites. The portion was reasonable and it was good as well. Not disappointing at all.


One of our main courses was Baked Seafood Pasta. However, too much of it will make you feel sick. Fortunately we were sharing our food.


I love everything about steaks and ribs so I ordered Braised Beef Rib. Though the portion may be small (fortunately we ordered appetizers), it was good and the boyfriend loves it.


And if you want to stay longer in the café but got nothing to do, just borrow their iPad and play some games! Bawesome, right? However, you are only entitled to use it for 2 hours. No, you do not have to pay any cent. All you’ve got to do is to register in their register book. I wonder how many iPads they have in the café..

Anyway, to wrap things up, if you were to drop by Straits Quay in Penang, Kaffa Kafe ain’t a bad place to go to. Just head over there and you will agree with me.