Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 1: Bangkok

It was the boyfriend’s company trip to Thailand. We went to Bangkok and Pattaya during our four-day-three-night trip. It was a tiring one and let me tell you why it was so.

The flight to Bangkok was 9-ish in the morning and guess what? From KLIA. So we, who are staying in Penang, had to head down to KLIA the night before the flight. The company was nice enough to prepare us the transportation. We left Penang late night and blimey, it was an excruciating trip! The coach was sadly uncomfortable. The seats were really hard and I could barely snooze.


By the time we reached the airport, it was only 5-ish early in the morning. Since we still had plenty of time, we all headed to McDonald’s to have our breakfast and free and easy after before we all gathered to meet our tour guide. To be honest, following a tour is not to my liking but this is a arranged company trip so, no complain.


And finally we had our flight tickets. We had some spare time to loiter around for a bit before we boarded the aircraft. Good to know that we were taking Malaysia Airlines; complimentary food with ample space of seats.


To my surprise, there was a complimentary entertainment as well. The boyfriend was already in deep sleep while I watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The two-hour flight passed just like that and finally we landed Bangkok.


There ain’t time for us to rest after we collected our baggage and got up to our coach. We headed straight to our first destination, Safari World. We first went to have our buffet lunch before dolphins’ show as well as Thai’s 007 show. Both were entertaining.


And along Bangkok streets, you will not fail to see Beethoven's, if you know what I mean. “There’s a reason why this place is called Bangkok” – quoted from Hangover Part 2 lol 


We went to Madame Tussauds as well as bought some souvenirs before we called it a day. That night the boyfriend and I experienced the local food at a night market nearby. The food adventure was short but interesting. Boy we were glad that the hotel we were staying was good and all of us had a good rest that night. Our faces told it all the next day.

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