Saturday, December 3, 2011

Food Review: Kaffa Kafe@Straits Quay, Penang

Kaffa has three outlets in Penang but we chose to go to the one that was recently opened in Straits Quay. Also, it was our first time there as well. We ordered two sets of meal and some appetizers since we skipped our breakfast and lunch that day.


The mushroom soup was just nice and reasonable portion. However, could have given us more garlic breads though.


Our first appetizer was Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Salad. Portion enough for two persons. It was good so no negative comments on this.


Our next appetizer was Grilled Beef Bites. The portion was reasonable and it was good as well. Not disappointing at all.


One of our main courses was Baked Seafood Pasta. However, too much of it will make you feel sick. Fortunately we were sharing our food.


I love everything about steaks and ribs so I ordered Braised Beef Rib. Though the portion may be small (fortunately we ordered appetizers), it was good and the boyfriend loves it.


And if you want to stay longer in the café but got nothing to do, just borrow their iPad and play some games! Bawesome, right? However, you are only entitled to use it for 2 hours. No, you do not have to pay any cent. All you’ve got to do is to register in their register book. I wonder how many iPads they have in the café..

Anyway, to wrap things up, if you were to drop by Straits Quay in Penang, Kaffa Kafe ain’t a bad place to go to. Just head over there and you will agree with me.


snoopy said...
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Funny2046 said...

I like the food in Kaffa Kafe too, especially the fried noodle.

Funny2046 said...

May see my review for them at give me some comment on Kaffa Kafe too. Thanks