Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3: Pattaya

The third day of the trip was really exciting and thrilling. We had a few water sports that day and guess what? I got to try parasailing! It was my very first time and definitely, not the last. Honestly, it was not as scary as I thought and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I started out poorly so I hurt my toes before I was raised into the air and when I was up there, I really felt like I was a bird.


We continued to Coral Island after and there, we had more water sports which I had never had before such as jet ski..

P1012485 well as the banana boat. Now talking about the banana boat, I had a terrible experience. This man was supposed to fling us at the more shallow are but due to a mistake, we were flung at the deeper sea level and tell you what, I cannot swim very well. I thought I would drown especially when the water is salty. Damn, now that’s the downside. The upside of this was that we had one free banana boat fling.


Thank goodness we were sent back to the hotel first before we proceed the day’s remaining activities. After we took our show and all, we went to watch an interesting show, Alangkarn. And really, I enjoyed this show a lot.


After the show, guess where we had our dinner? At a club which is situated next to where we watched the Cabaret. Dined in a club, huh? Very interesting. When we were about to leave, we were told that our coach left us. A retard told the bus driver that we would all walk back to our hotel, wtf.


Anyway, before we headed back to our hotel, we had a short trip of food hunt. I had another round of sweet corn. Their sweet corn is good and I will definitely miss this in Malaysia. Damn, I really miss it now!

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