Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food Review: Sticks Fire Bistro@Queensbay Mall, Penang

One of our evenings, we went to Sticks Fire Bistro to try out their food. The meal turned out to be really horrible. The place was okay. The live band was horrible. The service was horrible. Worst of all, the food was totally indescribably horrible.


Well, an exception for the appetizer. Probably because spring rolls is a simple dish so, there is no other way they could screw it up.


This is their so-called Salmon Pasta. Do you see any salmon? I saw cheap, small, little pieces of salmon here and there. It was tasteless as well. Disappointing.


Their Juicy Burger. They indicated to me that it is going to be quite big but what the hell? It was not even half of the size they showed to me. Anyway, it was good. My problem was with its size.


And these were their soup and dessert. Pretty pathetic, right? And we ain’t going back there anymore.

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