Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tokyo Street@Pavilion KL

It was the week that I first went for my, well, previous job’s training. Yeah, this post is backdated. Like super backdated. In fact, most of my posts now were backdated.


After almost a month in Penang, I finally could have the food that I missed the most. The food that I previously could have at least once a month when I was still staying in Kuala Lumpur, and they are kampua and bian nvk!


We headed to Pavilion after and went to its recently opened Tokyo Street. I heard of it but never had the chance to go over. It reminded me of some other streets in Sunway Pyramid.


We found a few interesting stuff there such as a huge Domo!


Then a photo booth and well, typical me, went to fool around with it.


Feeling thirsty? They have Ochado for you and trust me, this is better than Chatime. I doubt I can find Ochado in Penang. What a pity.


And before we headed back, we went to get something from Parkson and ta-dah!


Behold my first damage, from Tokyo Street. A toy chocolate camera. Yes, that is a camera! My friends who saw this would not believe it!


And the second damage, from Parkson. I am into Laneige products thanks to my ex-housemate. They did their job and my complexion is getting better now.

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