Sunday, December 11, 2011

Food Review: Strawberry Forever

One of my friends recommended me to try out this place and after finding out where it is located, I asked the boyfie out for dinner. It is actually very close to where we stay so it was not difficult for us to find the place.


By the look of its interior, I believe most girls would love this place. However, I find this place a bit weird. Maybe it is too reddish and pinkish. Not my cup of tea. Then by looking at its menu, urm, the food does not look convincing.


And I was right. The food was wrong. The place was wrong. Everything just seems so wrong!


We then gave the desserts a try and tried their most recommended strawberry pie. It looks good from the outside, right? However, to my horror, it does not taste right.


We ordered Mango Souffle or something but, it failed to change our minds of not coming to Strawberry Forever again. Unless you want the food to ruin your day. This thing was tasteless.

Am I being too picky? I guess not. Kuala Lumpur must have spoiled my food intake. So far I have not found a place comparable to Sushi Zanmai, Moo Cow, Seoul Korean and Levain Boulangarie. Maybe those are the reasons that I should go back once in a while.

Click here if you want to go Strawberry Forever.

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