Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 2: Pattaya

It was the second day of the trip when we had to leave Bangkok to Pattaya. It was a 4-hour ride, if I am not mistaken. On our way, we had our lunch at this huge tiger zoo. Note, it was just a lunch only.


Also, we dropped by Silver Lake as well as this huge temple nearby before we went to watch this cultural show as well as an elephant show. At Silver lake, you get to enjoy beautiful scenery; flowers blooming surrounding this huge lake. Nothing much could be seen at this huge temple. I do not even recall the name of it. All I could remember is I had to pay to use the toilet there and it was not even clean.


Later that night was my very first time in my lifetime to ever watch Thai Girls’ Show and trust me, it was not interesting at all. It was actually quite disgusting. No, I am not criticising these girls’ profession. It is just my personal opinion. I admit I was not able to handle it well and I personally think that it was a complete turn off. At least I experienced such show that is infamous in Thailand and no, I will not go for the second time.


However, fortunately the night was saved by Lady Boys’ Show, also known as Cabaret Show. It was really good and you would not believe that these ‘ladies’ are actually ‘men’. They are just so beautiful and what not, their monster figures. After the show, you could take pictures with them outside the building for just 100baht and if you want to touch them, you have to pay them another 400baht. I saw an old man groped one of these ‘ladies’’ breasts *pfft*

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