Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brisbane: Day 05

It was Monday – the day the beau had his last paper. I followed him to QUT instead of roaming around CBD by myself. Reason? My mobile phone does not function well here. Therefore, the beau would not feel at ease if I am alone.

DSCN6678 We had our breakfast at one of the uni’s cafes, where he always has his when he goes for classes.

DSCN6684 Note: This is just one of the uni’s cafe (!!!)

TBS used to have a cafe at the lobby, Dome. It was gone within the first week I started my college life. I wonder what happened to it :S


My all-time favourite, Hot Chocolate :)


My breakfast, Spaghetti Bolognese

DSCN6690 His all-time favourite, Caesar salad

I was left in the uni’s computer lab when he left to the exam hall to sit for his 1.30PM paper. The computers are twice better than what I had in TBS.


The uni has a lot of good condition vending machines. This particular vending machine reminds me of Ag giving me a few cents to play with Subang Square’s vending machine lol 


It was drizzling when we wanted to leave the campus. I was surprised that the beau has an umbrella with him all the time – just in case. Before we took the bus back to Sunnybank (where he parked his car), we did a bit of shopping :D

DSCN6697When we reached Sunnybank, we dropped by Kmart before we went back home.

DSCN6698 Part of Kmart

Guess what was I doing over there?

DSCN6700 In search of nice boots :D

DSCN6707Purple boots?

DSCN6712Or black?

DSCN6726Maybe I will take the furry ones?

DSCN6730 Or perhaps, to be an attention seeker and wear this unique pair of pink boots?


DSCN6734After all the mess..


..I found the ONE :P

DSCN6738 However, instead of paying for the boots that I spent almost an hour to search for, I took this cap –_-

DSCN6752 Dinner at Thai Orchid Square Restaurant before we headed back home


Damages for the day: AUD 45

5 comments: said...

you know i might go to newcastle to take my masters.. but i think the plan is not gonna work.. coz im lazy to study again.. haha..

but this entry.. wow.. the uni environment is so nice.. making me feel like going there..

oh.. boots! nice.. =)

wayeyoung said...

Wahlau! That's how they sell boots?? o.O

So many.

Fumoffu said...

ken: I was sad that I graduate when the world is having an economy crisis :( Plan to take Masters but wonder if can apply loan for that. Gonna seek for advice and do some research for this. If not, I will end up taking a job that is not in my interest :S And yeah, the boots. I wonder if I should get it here lol!

wayeyoung: Haha! Yeah! I was surprised too. I didn't know how to start in the first place lol!

★ whoaamello ★ said...

I thought the black boots and the furry ones were cute (:

Fumoffu said...

Yeah, they were but I don't think I'm going to wear them on the streets lol!