Monday, June 8, 2009

Sarawak River Cruise: Sunset Photography

I took all these shots using my ciplak camera with only 5.2MP. In the market, there are camera phones with 8MP. My camera is really outdated.


Still, it did a great job.


But only if you use the right mode at the right time.


I used sunset mode for these shots.


Well, I did some basic editing only ie. color enhancing, brightness and contrast.


Anonymous said...

Good photos for a camera phone! :D

Fumoffu said...

Oh? No no. These were taken with a camera :D Not camera phone. I was just complaining that camera phones alreadey got 8MP but my camera is still 5.2MP. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

nice nice... :)

Joyce said...

Megapixel does not affect the quality of the photo. Bigger megapixel means bigger photo, not better. It is the sensor size that matters.

Have a read here. It's a DSLR article, but there's info on the megapixel myth.

p/s: Any camera can take great photos (moment/creativity wise) if you have decent photography knowledge.

WanWan said...

nice photo.. just with a Digital camera.. not DSLR.. u still can capture this nice shot... u really "geng" in adjust your DC function...

iriene said...

Fell in love with all the pictures.
I must take this sunset cruise. How much does it cost?

Fumoffu said...

dSaint: Thank you =)

Joyce: Hey, great advice. Got to learn sth new. And thanks for the sharing a very helpful article :D

WanWan: Yeah, you have understand your camera and its mode. If you use the right mode, you will definitely capture nice photos =) Still, I did a basic editing to make it brighter and enhance the color so the pictures are not 100% original :P

iriene: Well, it was not actually called sunset cruise but it only depart in the evening, once a day. But still can call it as sunset cruise then xD The cost is RM30 per person (for adult) unless you are a foreigner which is RM60 per person (if I am not mistaken).

Anonymous said...

ciplak camera?
wei.. be thankful with your camera ya..
i dont have a camera you know.. lol..
everytime wanna use.. must borrow from friend..
see i cant take pictures freely like you.. sad..
lol =)

Fumoffu said...

Aww.. Thank you, Ken. You made me treasure my ciplak camera even more. As a saying goes 'Better than nothing', right? =D