Saturday, November 19, 2011

A New Chapter of Life

It has been almost three months now that I had moved to a new place, Penang. It was not an easy decision to make and seriously, it is hard to come from me. I am taking the risk though and I can look back no more. I know I had not been blogging that often. Procrastination ftw!

So, when I first arrived Penang and to his cove, for the love of.., the house was in a mess! I knew what was coming but I did not expect to see pictures like these! Anyway, fortunately I started my new job next month and I had two weeks of break. Therefore, I had time to do some cleaning at home.



After spending about three to four days locking myself at home just to do some cleaning, I finally came to this.



Unbelievable, right? However, due to my skin as well as my nails being sensitive in nature, there were side effects and up to date, they are yet to recover. Well, domestic life, huh?

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ken said...

all the best and take care.
now it looks more homely :)