Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Triple Eleven Birthday!

I believe most of you all thought I had a fancy dancy celebration since this happens only once in a lifetime; hey, i am not gonna live for another thousand years, am i?

I was in the middle to go into a deep sleep when he came into the room, with a cake, singing a birthday song. Seriously, I did not see it coming. Not from him.


It was so sweet of him. Plus, my stomach was growling ever since I got into bed. Therefore, perfect timing!

That day itself, I was really busy at work. I will be doing my training in Kuala Lumpur next week so, I had to clear some of my paper work before I could leave. As for him, unfortunately, he was really sick and stayed at home; no, he was not pretending and then make a surprise for me. How I wish it was. Most females love surprises, don’t they?


We had a simple and nice 5-course meal at Salsas Restaurant. Initially he wanted to bring me to this German place but he could not play well with patience due to massive jam. Therefore, we skipped it.


To kick off our 5-course meal, we first had our warm seafood salad. The portion was small and well, nothing special about it.



Later, we had our soups; Cauliflower cream and lamb soup respectively. I personally did not prefer the latter one. Lamb soup just tastes so weird.



And after our long awaited moment, these are our main courses. I personally chose the first one but in the end, I did not enjoy it. Not I did not love steaks but I guess it was due to that foul blood smell (from Haji) at the roadside that I always passed by to get my car, I could not take medium rare steaks. I hope I will get over it. Fortunately, he was willing to switch his main course with me else, I would puke, trust me.


As for desserts, it was written cake, fruits and ice-cream and I really did not see the above coming. Yeah, there were cake, fruits and ice-cream, wtf

Movie next? Nope, he was really sick so we did not spend the day till late. However, we had fruits by the coast at this residential park close to where we stay and enjoyed full moon together.

Like aforementioned, it was just simple and nice. He probably could have done better buttttttttt, I doubt it lol

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Wei Hao said...

simple is nicest sometime. it is the moment that count that who you spend with this special day :-)