Monday, November 7, 2011

His Cousin In Penang

It was back in August when his cousin came to Penang.

The first time I met his cousin was back in Kuching. It was then that his cousin made a plan to come over to Penang for a few days with his beloved wife. It was awkward for me when I first met his wife but guess what? After a while, we got really close. She is a really sweet girl and I enjoy talking to her. They were together for seven years and were recently married. A very loving couple, I shall say.


Since the boyfriend was busy working, I brought them around for a while before I dropped them at Queensbay Mall and went for duty at a charity event. That very same night, we went to Batu Ferringhi after dinner.


On their last day in Penang, we brought them to buy some souvenirs back home. Of course not forgetting to bring them to taste some local delicacies.


Such as ice-cream chendol.


Urm, yam?


And of course, the rojak.


And before we drove them to the airport, we took them to Coffee Tree to buy some coffee as well as to his mom’s stall to take away some laksa back to Kuching. We bid farewell at the airport and yes, I actually hugged her. Hope to see her again, most probably back in Kuching?

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