Monday, November 7, 2011

FASTRAC 30th@Equatorial Hotel, Bangi

It was the second part of training after the first one I had back in September. This time, our activities were more fun. Well, I am referring to our out-of-class activities. The in-class activities were very disappointing. Probably we had high expectations. Anyway, let us focus on our out-of-class-bonding activities.


On the first night, we did not do anything fun. However, we kick-started our crazy week on the second night with a game of bowling. When was the last time I played bowling? I believe it was back in the time when I was in Form 5.


On the third night, we went for a movie together – The Three Musketeers. A nice movie, I shall say and we headed to McDonald’s after that before we all went back to the hostel.


On the final night, we decided not to take up the free dinner at the hostel instead. All of us headed to Alamanda Shopping Mall to have our dinner and oh, we broke into two groups; one to McDonald’s (again) while another to Nando’s.


And how were we supposed to end our final night? A two-round of bowling and I will never forget that night. Why? I had my first ever STRIKE!


At the end of the day, the family grew bigger and our bonds got stronger. Though some of us had taken different pathways, I believe strongly in our friendship. I am very sure that we will all soon see each other, probably most of us, again.

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