Saturday, August 1, 2009

UTS Alumni Reunion Dinner 2009

Though my friends and I were not an alumnus in that time, it was such a rare occasion where we were able to meet up and did a little of catch up amongst ourselves. Especially me! It’s been a long long time since I last saw my college gang :D


Was able to meet up with two of my closest friends who are able to give you top and high quality of sarcasms. They should join forces to establish a firm that give such services.


Had infinite laughter with these guys. No matter how bad hair day you had, they sure can make it up for you. They may be evil at times but they are just joking around, alright? Socialise with them all you want but make sure you can take up with their jokes, okay? Don’t so serious.


Able to reunite with the lady-in-yellow. She abandoned me us and left to Sydney for more than a year. And finally she’s back to Malaysia and will be in Malaysia for the rest of her life (perhaps?). We thought she would bring a surfer boyfriend back lol!


Got together again with the awesome girls in our batch. The last time we had fun together was our “Graduation Trip” at Genting Highlands lol! Thanks to that trip I got to know more about these girls. Lesson learned: Don’t judge a book by its cover lol!


Managed to get a group picture of Point One (finally!) though we missed out a number of people inside :S Drifted apart when time passes.

The entertainments for the night:

IMG_1693 Not sure who he was trying to imitate but he sure does look like..himself!



IMG_1764 The result of me saying “Each of us take a plate and pose lar!” Well, he actually kutuk-ed me for saying that but he ended up posing with a plate. I am proud to have a very very very sporting friend :D


Scandalous picture for the day.

Though the dinner was all so boring, food ain’t nice, no goodies and there were only four (wtf!) lucky draws compared to the one I went last year, the company was the best!

Don’tcha agree?


goingkookies said...

is the girl in white bee yip???

Fumoffu said...

Yeap yeap! You know her? Meaning you are working in KPMG too then :D