Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Getaway Up in the Sky!

It was planned since last year that we would go to Genting this month. Though all things did not go as planned, I am glad that it happened. It was a nice and loving get-together getaway with the girls. Well, the guys joined us later. And when they did, guess what? Instead of entering the casino, we went for Haunted Adventure.


You would not believe me that we were such a bunch of pussies. We were already hugging each other like crazy when listening to the ‘rules’. We freaked out like mad when we were just at the entrance, not even inside the place! Ken and Chi Wei literally crawled on the floor at one of the junctions to make sure that there was nothing that would come out and scared the hell out of us. I screamed all the way with my ears half covered! And more! Definitely another memorable of Point One.


In the room, we gave Ken a surprise be-early birthday celebration as well as a nice chat session. We talked all sort of shits; from ghost stories which was covered most of the time and movies – for those who wanted to watch Lake House, please get it from Ken.

The mist was really thick the next day we left the place and it was already noon time! When we got to Kuala Lumpur, we had bah kut teh for brunch. We were already discussing out next getaway and that will be none other places than Ipoh!

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