Tuesday, January 4, 2011



It was definitely the worst encounter I have ever had and of course, I do not want it to happen ever again!

It happened at the bus stop in the area that I am staying. This bus stop is where I always catch the bus to Pudu LRT Station, Berjaya Times Square and what not.

It was just yesterday, at the bust stop, I was waiting for the bus like obviously. Most of the people got into the previous bus and that left only me and this fat Indian man.

A cab stopped at the bus stop where a Malay lady alighted the cab. The fat Indian man then got into the front of the cab. I saw him negotiating with the cab driver and got out with an upset look. I was already sitting on a bench seeing it was empty. He then walked over and guess what?

He sat right next to me, shoulder-to shoulder!

Fuck, I freaked out and got up instantly, looking back at him. He was acting as if nothing happened, wtf! Okay, I found it really awkward so I sort of asking him what happened between him and the cab driver. The bus that I had been waiting for was seen coming

He was getting on the same bus too so, I let him got up before me so he could choose himself a seat first. I then chose a seat further from him but guess what?

He got up and came sitting right in front of me, fucking facing me and wanted to talk to me!

I freaked out double! I quickly made a call to my brother so I would deem to be busy. After the phone call, he tried to talk to me but I hand-signaled him that I was listening to music. I realised that he kept staring at me and seriously, I freaked out triple!

I decided to get up and change to another seat.

My heart my pounding really hard. When the bus reached my destination, I alighted the bus real fast and walked as fast as I could, while looking back once in a while, making sure he did not follow me.

To be honest, I thought I could this situation really well but I guess I was over-traumatised that when I went to bed, I wanted to cry...

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