Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20Eleven Resolutions

So most of us have had our resolutions for the new year. As for me, finally I came up with mine after a month; five resolutions. I need something logical and achievable. Those unachievable ones are what I called, dreams.

Resolution one, weight loss.


Yes, I am sure this is within each and every one of us regardless of those who are already slim. Most of us think we are fat! In my case, I really had gained a lot of weight. Therefore, with this as well as I just signed up a twenty-session slimming programme, I definitely aim to cut my weight down. I had too much unhealthy food and, you bet, alcohol in Shanghai.

Resolution two, more workout.


Yes, even if I followed my healthy diet plan as well as attending the slimming treatments, I will not be fit and healthy if I do not work out. I am really dedicated to be healthier since I am no longer studying and as active as before. I had already signed up a two-year gym membership with True Fitness so, I believe this is going to work.

Resolution three, pay rise.


Yes, so what if I was confirmed after working two months? I am aiming to get a pay rise within this year which means I have to work harder and bring in more money to the company.

Resolution four, vacation.


Despite of working hard, of course I must reward myself an awesome vacation. I had already made a plan to Melbourne and Perth in July last year. Yes, I bought my flight tickets already but I am now freaking out, worried that this vacation is not going to happen. Why? Just take a look at the Australian dollars!

Resolution four, a legendary birthday celebration.


You must be like, what the fuck? I am serious! I want to have a legendary birthday celebration this year! Why? Just take a look at my birthday date. This only happen once every 10 centuries unless I am able to live that long.

There, all my five resolutions. We shall look back at this post when twenty twelve comes, shall we?

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ken said...

haha.. alright.. all the best! :)