Friday, November 5, 2010

Two Months

Few weeks ago marked my two months’ of work in Kuala Lumpur. I would not say it is a job that will take my life ie. being really busy and I had to work my ass off. It is more like either you will get really bored or you will get really busy. There is no proper trend or what you will call, peak period or otherwise. Everything happens and changes really fast eg. stock market and yes, you must adapt to the change. You got to have a dynamic personality else, build that personality within you!

If the income can flow in like the stock market, that’s even better.

When I learnt that it is normally a 3-month probation period, I set a goal to end my probation period within two months and good gracious, I did it. There is an increment, though not much, but it is something. Something to boost my confidence, motivation, bla bla whatever positive shit you can come up with.

I have yet to set another goal.

Probably a pay rise within 6 months counting down from when my probation period ended? Or maybe, closing my very first own deal before year 2010 ended?

Would love to earn EUR instead of MYR. How awesome is that?

I would not say this is the most exciting job ever but this is definitely a great experience to gain. You were able to meet high-profile people, exchanging name cards, sitting down having meetings or doing presentations and probably, dine with them, socialising. I will not say  I am a perfect people person and that I am perfect in socialising.

I suck too, sometimes.

I would say I have them but I am still learning and improving.

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