Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AIESEC Alumni Hat Party@Bankers Club

It was about two weeks ago when I attended AIESEC Alumni Hat Party at Bankers Club. To be frank, I do not know most of the people there. Out of hundred, probably, I only know less than 10 people. Very saddening, no?


Still, I had fun that night to be able to meet those I had not seen for years! The venue was great and man, I love the food. Not to forget the alcoholic beverage they provided us too; beers, whisky and vodka. It seems we are not paying RM180 for naught.


Sculling is a very common game in AIESEC. Since we are all grown-ups, we have beers for sculling. However, you can have Coke if you do not drink. Me? Waddaya think? Beer no doubt!


The photographers for the event. They did an awesome job! Lovin’ their pictures. The dude on the left is still studying while the one on the right is waiting for the one on the left to finish his studies so they could come out and establish a partnership to run a studio together! Awesome, no?


The alumnus (plus Kw) from Taylor’s. We met two juniors that night too. In fact, most of the people who came for the dinner were juniors. Alumni? It was more or less like Generation-Y-meeting-Generation-X dinner.


Believe it or not, we have people who are being AIESEC alumnus for more than 20 years! There were number of people who are around 10 years old alumni. The picture above are the us, who are AIESEC alumnus for less than 5 years.


Gonna end this post with the group picture for the night. Not sure if I would be going for the next one. I would, perhaps but, I am more looking forward to this AIESEC Alumni Conference or something. This year’s (or was it last year’s) conference looked fun!

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