Friday, November 12, 2010

The Birthday

“You are sneaky. You don’t have it posted on your Facebook info but everyone on your profile knew.”

Yeah, I did it on purpose. I removed my birthday from my Facebook, just being curious on who, among my many friends, remember or bothered to check on my birthday.

You know it is more meaningful that people remember and made an effort to give you a call (thank you), you know who you are, or either WhatsApp-ed or texted you. Also those who posted their wishes on your wall. I really do appreciate it. Loving you all more now.

I had a be-early birthday back in Kuching with my family and friends and it was fun! I will be having a belated birthday celebration this coming Saturday though. Hope it is gonna be good.

However, there wasn’t any special celebration or whatsoever on the day itself. But, I did go out, instead of staying at home. I went to this Super Networking event organised by KL Expat. It was fun as I went alone and knew no one there. Then sooner or later, you made a few new friends and then, learning that it was your birthday, to have people that are not very close to you, singing birthday song was really cool!

Of course I hope we will still be in touch again and yeah, we exchanged name cards which was the primary purpose of the event. Oops, no picture at all from the event.

My bad.

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