Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I Want To Be


When I was a lot younger, I wanted to be an astronomer..

..until I learned that becoming one in Malaysia is useless.

I then wanted to become a biomedical scientist..

..until I learned that becoming one in Malaysia is useless too.

So I thought of becoming a pharmacist instead..

..but it was not in my interest at all.

And therefore, I took into consideration in becoming an accountant..

..however, I do not enjoy working in the office doing paper works and such.

I left Malaysia and went to Shanghai for a year and involved myself in a gaming industry..

..but due to some complications on my legality status to work there, I came back to Malaysia for good.

Now I am a marketing officer who covers the market in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand..

..but my job scope covers administrative works, business development, customer servicing, marketing, market research and sales.

I guess things do not always go the way you wanted them to, no?


Anonymous said...

end of secondary school I was supposed to become math teacher, end of high school pilot, later engineer and now I'm marketer... life never goes according to plan

Fumoffu said...

Agree on that *winks*